In Singapore, the Straights Times print release provided details regarding December 31 that The International Criminal Police Organization ICPO or INTERPOL, led attacks as a major aspect of an operation called Operation First Light 2016 that netted more than 1,500 individuals denounced in a multimillion Euro trick focusing on Asian nations. 

The most productive rate was the capture of 1,300 Chinese nationals "confined in the Philippines for false exercises led out of a solitary building that were gone for casualties in China." As no different news of real attacks has risen up out of the nation in that era, one may arrive at the conclusion this was the strike of Jack Lam's Fontana Leisure Park and Casino region call focus in the Clark Field Freeport. Additional data demonstrates the Interpol activity was against "call focuses associated with being included in phone tricks, IRS evasion, and illicit internet betting." Law requirement agents in Austria, China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Timor Leste and the United States partook in the operation as per reports. 

After the Philippines attacks, which if related, in the long run brought about Pagcor pulling Lam's clubhouse licenses and covering two gambling clubs, 200 more Chinese nationals were captured in Spain closing down 13 call focuses in Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante whose administrators are blamed for fleecing a huge number of casualties out of about €16 million. Casualties of the Spanish call focuses were reached by administrators acting like police authorities who let them know that their financial balances had been focused by offenders and to move stores into another record so police could track the hoodlums. 

Other phishing or social-building tricks pulled off by the criminals keeping in mind the end goal to increase individual learning of their casualties and get to money related data included phone misdirection, sentiment tricks and email duplicity. Makato Tanase, the Financial Crimes unit facilitator for Interpol said in an announcement, "By sharing data through Interpol, police can beat the difficulties in researching global phone extortion, for example, lawbreakers much of the time changing areas or IP addresses, and manufacture working connections to avoid comparative criminal action later on."

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