iPayYou is a Seattle-based bitcoin wallet that has recently decided to provide its customers with a unique opportunity to pay via Twitter. The feature is called iPay-by-Twitter. The system allows users to send and receive bitcoins directly via this social networking service. iPay-by-Twitter is extremely convenient and user-friendly to customers. It allows receiving bitcoins, holding them on an account, and sending to other individuals. In addition, it is possible to exchange bitcoins for dollars. Then dollars can be withdrawn from your bank account.
Gene Kavner, CEO of iPayYou, emphasized that Twitter seemed to be one of the most popular social networks. Surprisingly, none of bitcoin wallets has ever tried to use Twitter in order to transfer bitcoins from one account to the other. However, iPayYou has recently become a pioneer in this field by creating its iPay-by-Twitter system. 
It was reported that Paypal, which is a US-based company focusing on online money transfers, offered too intrusive questions in a questionnaire sent to customers. They have negatively affected the popularity of the payment system.
The administration of the payment system Paypal sent a questionnaire to Seafile, which is a file hosting software system and a customer of Paypal, to provide better understanding of its needs and requirements. However, the company found the questions too personal and intrusive. 
Despite the fact that the cloud storage provider answered all questions present in the questionnaire offered by Paypal, the answers were insufficient and lacked the required data, according to Paypal. Therefore, the company denied access to its services for Seafile.
However, it is interesting to note that Seafile has started to use bitcoins for payments.
After the unsuccessful cooperation with Paypal the company has decided to switch to bitcoins and the Bitpay group in order to receive appropriate services and privacy.
So, Paypal has lost its customer, and the Bitcoin group has gained a new partner. 
As for the current exchange rate for bitcoins, at the moment, one bitcoin can be exchanged for $662.71.
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