Italy's new government's proposed betting bill could hurt the nation's betting industry. The new government, which came to control in last March, has proposed a draft charge that tries to the disposal of betting machines and solid constraints on types of betting with rehashed wagers. On the off chance that the spilled draft writings are any sign, the new strategy would truly hamper the betting business in the nation. 

Besides, the archive expresses that it urges the authorisation to introduce opening machines just in characterized places and the expansion of the base separation from touchy spots. The draft likewise requires a flat out prohibition on betting promoting and sponsorships, and desires to set the commitment to utilize an individual card to counteract tyke hazard, inconvenience of spending limits, following of suspicious money streams. 

Italian administrators are stressed over what a potential enactment change like this could intend to the business, which a year ago made a genuine commitment to state coffers. In 2017, AWP/VLT charges posted €6 billion out of the aggregate €10 billion that the business produced for the state, while €140 million originated from Italian-authorized web based betting organizations.

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