Those who have chosen Jubise Casino to gamble on the Internet should change a gambling house. The casino owners have decided to close the doors of the gambling facility. So, data on all gamblers were transferred to TTR Casino. However, there were some negative moments concerning this transfer of information. First of all, customers of Jubise Casino were not warned in advance regarding the decision of the administration. This is quite unusual, since gambling operators always warn their clients about such fundamental changes.
At the time of writing this article, Jubise Casino was still operating. It is quite strange taking into account the fact that information about customers of Jubise Casino has already been transferred. This is aggravated by the fact that the users are still unaware of their future. Nevertheless, TTR Casino has promised to offer some extra bonuses to its new customers from Jubise Casino. But it seems to be quite a weak consolation.
Notifications concerning such changes were sent to former players of Jubise Casino after the announcement of the casino administration about the closure. This is supposed to be an absolutely inappropriate attitude towards customers that does not correspond to the traditional gambling industry standards. In addition, there were a lot of grammar mistakes in the e-mail message that indicated the absolute disrespect.
It is absolutely useless to pay attention of our readers to unprofessionalism and indifference. This goes without saying. Such attitude towards gamblers may cast a shadow over the entire industry. We hope that other casinos will not follow this example.
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