The condition of Kerala in India is one of only a handful few states in the nation to run an authorized lottery which is exceptionally mainstream with local people as the Kerala State Lottery holds a day by day draw. There have been worries that the "lottery underground" is growing its nearness in the state focusing on regions, for example, Wayanad, Kasaragod, Kozhikode, Kannur and Malappuram by running an unlawful single digit lottery framework in parallel to the authorized state lottery. 

Ramesh Chennithala, pioneer of the restriction party affirmed that lottery mafia kingpin Santiago Martin was attempting to enter Kerala and take full control of the unlawful single digit lottery plot. The plan works with the joint effort of various unlawful single digit parallel merchants who are found everywhere throughout the state. They issue three digit numbers on bits of paper at a specific cost and sit tight for the state lottery to report the prize winning number regularly. On the off chance that the keep going three digits on the express lottery's triumphant number are the same as the three digits issued on the single bit of paper, these unlawful lottery brokers pay out colossal entireties of money. 

The powers know about the illicit lottery framework and have documented more than 544 cases in the northern part of the state since 2011. There were likewise charges that the prize winning quantities of the state lottery achieved these unlawful lottery merchants well before it was authoritatively reported by the state lottery. Back Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac reacted to the claims by expressing that the administration would dispatch an examination concerning the unlawful lottery wagering racket in the state and make genuine move on those that are blameworthy. 

In an announcement, Issac said "Government has a receptive outlook on the issue. It must be checked. Government is prepared to acknowledge any proposals from the Opposition side. The single-digit lottery, privately known as 'composed lottery', is really illicit wagering. It is suspected that a sorted out gathering is behind the lottery which works more in the Northern parts of the state." One reason why the single digit illicit lottery framework has thrived in the state is on account of is it addictive and the payouts are at a high esteem. The administration has dispatched Inspector General of Police Balram Kumar Upadhyay to head the examination concerning the illicit lottery wagering plan. 

One of the prompt countermeasures that the legislature has chosen to control illicit lottery administrators is to begin declaring the day by day state lottery comes about by means of a live broadcast. The legislature additionally plans to open more region lottery workplaces to give a consistent and safe method for issuing lottery tickets.

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