On the off chance that when I began my adventure in the poker business somebody let me know a little Czech town named Rozvadov would have surged to wind up one of the most sultry spots for poker in Europe - I would have chuckled hard. What I didn't know around then, in any case, was that while my eyes were on areas like Venice, Paris and London, a craftsmanship merchant and poker enthusiast named Leon Tsoukernik had quite recently chosen to put resources into an undertaking that would reform the guide of poker in Europe in under two decades. 

"When I began my venture to fabricate the King's Casino in Rozvadov, everybody thought I was insane," Tsoukernik imparted to PokerNews from his office at King's. "Thinking back, I trust that abnormal state of suspicion made me have confidence in my thought considerably more and pushed me to strive to make what we have today: the biggest poker room in Europe." Perfectly fine of the card rooms I was accustomed to frequenting began to investigate more lucrative amusements than poker or were hit by sketchy administrative changes, Tsoukernik's vision of an entire distinctive approach to provide food poker to European players turned into the key component of his prosperity. 

"This experience has been a win since the earliest reference point. The day we opened, even with no publicizing by any stretch of the imagination, 76 players appeared to play. The air was genuinely astounding - and we've never halted from that point forward," Tsoukernik said. Thirteen years after the opening day, King's Casino turned into a relentless machine with numbers and plans that would make anybody's knees go feeble. "A year ago alone, we conveyed more than 250,000 poker players to Rozvadov," he said. "Despite the fact that this is now an incredible result for a town of 500, I trust we will have the capacity to twofold that number when our arrangements for development are finished and individuals will get the chance to come here for a legitimate poker occasion." 

Over the previous years, King's has needed to grapple with the restricted measure of beds accessible in the city, hindering their development in prevalence. In spite of the fact that the gambling club inked various arrangements to suit their players in lodgings and guesthouses in the neighboring towns, the measure of poker lovers who rushed to Rozvadov to play was essentially too high for them. 

"I trust we lost almost 50% of our clients due to the absence of convenience and now it's the ideal opportunity for us to recover all them," Tsoukernik shared. "By August 2017, individuals will find an all new form of the King's Casino. Not just are we including 1,800 square meters of Las Vegas-style clubhouse space with 40 more poker tables, yet we are going to open a stunning new lodging with 218 extra rooms." With over €20 million put resources into the arrangement, Tsoukernik intends to do what each effective business visionary does when they distinguish an issue: settle it. 

"The initial three stories of the new building will be a four-star lodging while the fourth floor will be a five-star one with 18 extravagance suits to oblige even the most requesting of visitors," he said. What's more, that is not all. The last floor of the new complex will be home to a completely outfitted health focus with jacuzzis, saunas, knead rooms and a wellness focus.

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