The La Salle City Council is acting to stop the development of video betting parlors in the downtown range. The seven-part board as of late voted 5-1 to restrict the quantity of parlors to five, the number as of now working. One chamber part, who works at one of the parlors, went without voting. On the off chance that any of the five existing foundations close, they can't be supplanted; if all in the long run stop operations, there would be no parlors. 

Parlors require an alcohol permit from the city before they can acquire a state video betting permit. The chamber part who drove the exertion, Mark Schneider, said two or three downtown entrepreneurs revealed to him they are agitated by the quantity of parlors that have flown up in light of the fact that smaller than expected club don't fit the sought after picture of the business locale. In particular, entrepreneurs said parlors strife with endeavors to draw tourism and extra retail shops. 

Three of the five downtown parlors are on one square, two on one side. The parlor expansion is managing the downtown a terrible hand, in the perspective of Amanda Andreoni, who possesses Marien Mae Bridal Boutique. 

Andreoni stated: 

I'm extremely grateful the city has taken the essential activities expected to guarantee the respectability of our marvelous downtown. We have such a significant number of organizations flourishing, with force set up and dynamic business visionaries looking for a space for their business. La Salle must secure its financial specialists and organizations that have worked so difficult to make a familiar downtown, this was a positive move the correct way. 

Schneider noticed the betting foundations take up ground that could some way or another be utilized for prime retail space. Further, Schneider indicated out the city needs acquire official memorable status for the downtown, and if the Kaskaskia Hotel revives, betting parlors would be significantly more strange. 

There are 29 foundations in La Salle with state-approved video betting, of which 12 are downtown. Schneider noticed that without betting parlors, there still are seven downtown bars or eateries with video betting. La Salle's cut of betting continues is about $160,000 every year. 

I'm not obsessed with betting foundations downtown, but rather we don't attempt to manage their number. Or maybe, we let the market deal with itself. Our downtown is lively, in light of the fact that we have a decent blend of retail and eateries and when you have such imperativeness, most betting foundations can't bear the cost of the lease. 

Eschbach included that quite a while back, there were tattoo shops in downtown Ottawa, yet those shut or moved. There are no betting parlors in Ottawa's downtown, yet various bars in the business area have video betting. One betting parlor that worked at the intersection of Jefferson and La Salle lanes has shut. In Streator, there are no independent downtown parlors, yet a few somewhere else and Mayor Jimmie Lansford said he wouldn't like to see more. 

Lansford noted: 

A betting parlor needs an eatery bar alcohol permit. There are a set number of these licenses accessible and the City Council has said that is all there will be. I'd rather issue one to somebody opening an eatery. 

The leader included the market is immersed with betting parlors and any new ones basically take income from existing foundations.

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