Rounders, which is a cult American drama film directed by John Dahl in 1998 starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, significantly contributed to the popularity of poker. As you can notice from its title, it was dedicated to so-called rounders. Rounders are poker players who travel from one place to another in order to play poker placing high bets. 
Edward Norton, one of the actors, has decided to participate in a private poker tournament for charitable purposes. This experience has become possible thanks to an anonymous donation of $120,000. Meanwhile, Matt Damon, a 46-year-old star of Rounders, was interviewed by the BBC about this film. In the interview Matt told a story of John Malkovich, who had been impersonated by him on the screen.
It is interesting to note that both actors want to film a sequel. However, their dreams about Rounders 2 have no yet come true. We hope that they will succeed in pleasing us with the second part of this amazing story, despite the obstacles that may arise. 
In 2014, Norton announced that the sequel might appear. However, he was not sure. 
But it must be seen as a beacon of hope that Harvey Weinstein, an American film producer and film studio executive, made a statement in 2013 that after a conversation with Matt Demon he had decided to start filming Rounders 2 immediately. Earlier, Mr. Weinstein announced that he did not like to make sequels. Nevertheless, in this case, he could make an exception. 
To be sure, Matt Damon and Edward Norton can recall every detail of the film and are willing to work hard on the sequel of this famous movie about high rollers. We guess that all problems will be solved and both amazing actors will be able to please us with their talents in the movie called Rounders 2.
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