Girard police said they put a stop to an unlawful portable betting activity that two men were coming up short on a trailer. It was stopped outside of a service station on State Street. The men told the Sunoco representative that they were an advancements group from NASCAR and the corner store. For some individuals in Girard, their round of chance transformed into several dollars lost. The men told individuals they couldn't lose and even let some of them win little prizes. Yet, police said the enormous prizes that everybody needed were difficult to win. 

They were simply taking cash from individuals, Det. Greg Manente said. Girard police captured 40-year-old James Locke, of Warren, and 55-year-old Samuel Staffen, of Georgia. They are confronting charges of criminal trespass, betting and duping. Locke is likewise accused of distortion since he at first gave police his sibling's name. Staffen told police he's been doing this for a long time, as indicated by a report. Officers said Locke had various warrants for his capture and no less than one was betting related. It was simple for officers to sniff out their unlawful movement this time. 

Manente stated: 

Somebody approaching, saying, 'Hello, I trust this is an entire trick' and afterward we began coming to an obvious conclusion as it's really self-evident'. 

That man told police he lost $245 and he viewed a young fellow, potentially a minor, lose $600. Officers went to the trailer and asked Locke and Staffen for printed material that demonstrated they could lawfully work a gaming unit in the City of Girard and Ohio. As indicated by a police report, the men gave officers a deer in the headlights gaze and said they didn't have that printed material. He said the two men would set up a trailer with a game, making beyond any doubt clients couldn't lose. 

They had a board, similar to a board with levels, with clothespins. On the back of the clothespins were numbers. 

Those numbers were utilized toward a person's score. Champs could get a major prize however the issue was, nobody won. The prize boxes were unfilled. 

Manente stated: 

The Xbox, the PS4, they were vacant boxes so individuals were never going to win them. I'm not certain on the off chance that they even gave any prizes out. They may have given $10 prizes out just to draw individuals back in. 

For those individuals who played, their wallets are vacant now, as well. 

Manente stated: 

You're taking a large number of dollars, most likely, that was stolen from individuals, essentially. 

He said if there's compensation, casualties may recover their cash however that is not a certification. It relies upon where the case goes. Police said they aren't sure how far these two men have voyage however they said there are more versatile betting units out there. On the off chance that you see one, report it to police instantly.

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