The cooperation of the Internet and lotteries continues. Nowadays, lottery tickets can be easily bought on the Internet. In addition, there are various mobile applications that allow gamblers to acquire lottery tickets in a very simple way. A new scratch-off ticket has been launched in New York. It is possible to scan it via a special mobile application and find out whether you have won or not.
The New York Lottery has started offering a new lottery game called Gold Castle. It can be played for 5 dollars. To participate in this lottery, users should acquire a special ticket in a land-based shop. Then it is necessary to scan the ticket using a mobile application. Gamblers can choose between two options. It is possible either to scratch off the protective cover of the ticket in a standard way or to reveal your payout via your mobile device.
Gardner Gurney, Director of the New York Lottery, reported that the New York Lottery was delighted to please its customers with the first scratch-off ticket in the history of lotteries. Those who have decided to play this lottery will be able to collect $250,000. However, the probability of winning is very low. The odds are 1:1,700,000.
Apart from the jackpot, users may count on other prizes. Their size varies between $5 and $2,000. The application that can be used to scan the tickets can be downloaded in the Apple or Android app store.
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