2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the 47th WSOP championship in the history. At the moment, nine finalists of the most popular poker competition are determined. These players are referred to as the November Nine. It is interesting to note that each player at the final table will be able to receive at least one million dollars as prize money. Top nine participants managed to defeat 6,728 opponents. 
The WSOP Main Event is extremely popular worldwide. This is confirmed by the fact that the list of states whose citizens were participants of the competition included 79 various countries. 
The nine participants of the final table will be rewarded with indeed life-changing amounts of money. The winner will receive $8,000,000. The runner up will obtain $4,658,452. A third-place finish will bring $3,451,175. As for the fourth place, it will allow collecting 
$2,574,808. The owner of the fifth place will pocket $1,934,579. $1,463,906, $1,250,000, $1,100,000 and $1,000,000 are provided for the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth places, respectively. 
The following poker players form the November Nine (the number of chips is mentioned in brackets): Cliff Josephy from the United States (74,600,000), Qui Nguyen from the United States (67,925,000), Gordon Vayo from the United States (49,375,000), Kenny Hallaert from Belgium (43,325,000), Michael Ruane from the United States (31,600,000), Vojtech Ruzicka from Czech Republic (27,300,000), Griffin Benger from Canada (26,175,000), Jerry Wong from the United States (10,175,000), and Fernando Pons from Spain (6,150,000).
The November Nine will start competing for 8 million dollars on October 30.
Letís discuss some notable facts about the 2016 WSOP. First of all, it attracted the highest number of poker players. A total of 107,833 players decided to participate in one or the other tournament out of 69 competitions available in the timetable of the 2106 World Series of Poker championship. As for the total prize pool, the organizers of the championship collected 221,211,336 dollars.
It is also interesting to note that the average age of the participants of the Main Event was approximately forty years. The youngest player was only 21 years old. And one of the participants was 95 years old. 
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