Andrew Jankowski from the United Kingdom qualified for the WPT National Nottingham Main Event with the $1,000,000 total guaranteed prize pool by winning the online tournament, whose buy-in was one cent, on the site PartyPoker. At the end of his poker Odyssey Jankowski won the $1,100 buy-in tournament, which was held at Dusk Till Dawn Casino.He obtained 192,210 dollars. At that moment, it was his largest prize in his entire poker career. The winner managed to beat 886 opponents, including 98 prize-winners.

On May 23 evening the nine participants of the final round were determined. Soon, their number decreased to eight, since Vivek Gudhka, who had entered the game with the lowest number of chips, was eliminated. His 9th-place finish allowed him to receive 18,396 dollars. Two hours later, Dinarte DeSousa left the table with an 8th-place finish and 24,605 dollars. In his last hand DeSousa moved all in with a pair of sevens. Steven Game called with a pair of eights. It is interesting to note that the cards revealed by the dealer on the flop, turn, and river did not allow players to collect any higher-ranking hand. So, the game was finished for DeSousa.