The Pennsylvania House added online gambling to the daily fantasy sports (DFS) bill on Wednesday. This fact may facilitate legalization of online poker in the state. So, it is supposed that approval of the bill will make both DFS and iGaming legal. 
Initially, apart from online poker, lawmakers intended to add video gaming terminals to the bill. However, this amendment was not supported by local gambling houses and numerous officials. So, the addition of video gaming terminals did not allow approving the bill. 
Video gaming terminals were removed and voting became successful. The Pennsylvania House approved the same bill but without video gaming terminals. According to the current amendment, video gaming terminals will be available only in airports. However, their operations will be monitored by gambling houses. 
After that the legislators approved combination of online gambling and daily fantasy sports in a single bill. It is very important for online gambling, since DFS will be probably legalized, taking into account experience of New York. It is necessary to make DFS legal before the beginning of a new season in order to avoid missing an opportunity to fill the treasury with revenues obtained from this kind of entertainment. 
Now fans of gambling should wait for voting in the Senate. The fact that online poker is united with daily fantasy sports allows hoping that the results will be positive. 
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