Oswego Village Board individuals dismissed an arrangement for a video betting bistro in the town since they didn't care for the area. Subsequent to getting a tepid reaction a month ago, a delegate of You Holdings came back to trustees meeting as a Committee of the Whole with inside and outside renderings and an overhauled logo for Monroe's Gaming at 4050 Wolf's Crossing Road. 

The space of around 1,500 square feet was already rented by The Man Store and is recorded as being empty for about two years. Wilbur You was looking for an alcohol permit and betting permit from the town. You in his pitch on March 6 clarified that he has worked with a portion of the biggest betting administrators in Illinois through his Naperville-based showcasing organization Youtech and Associates. You, originator and CEO of the organization, said it does promoting for bar proprietors and video betting parlors. 

The town a couple of years back changed the standards to expect proprietors to get last Village Board endorsement for video betting parlors. Trustee Joe West, who has reliably voiced his worries with betting foundations in general, said the betting bistro would be right down the road from District 308's Oswego High School and East View Elementary. 

Trustee Pam Parr stated: 

I am not happy with that area. 

Parr said she imagines a superior use for the site given its area. 

Parr stated: 

That is one of the passages to our town. We have been quite consider in where we have permitted particularly betting parlors and they have been out of the way and with a past filled with not being possessed. 

You provided a business recommendation that portrayed Monroe's Gaming as an upscale betting foundation with five gaming machines. The strategy for success referenced market immersion by saying the quantity of betting themed bistros have hopped over the most recent three years. You, 26, said he would regulate everyday activities. He said the unit has been empty for over year and a half. 

The businessperson stated: 

We thought it was a decent area for us. I comprehend your worries however the unit has been empty.

Town President Gail Johnson stated: 

We will need to send you back to this plan's beginning point. I feel like you all could have disclosed to us this last time. On the off chance that we discover another area, would that be OK? 

Johnson said trustees survey applications on a case-by-case premise. She said it's up to the full Village Board to deny or affirm the solicitations like how asks for alcohol licenses are taken care of. Trustee Karin McCarthy-Lange said she had issues given what's as of now there. An alcohol store and a back rub parlor involve two other adjacent units. Be that as it may, at that point later stated, she as well, had issues with the area. 

She stated: 

It is an essential area. When we have taken a gander at these offices previously, we have mulled over area.

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