In the wake of being prohibited from Twitch in July 2016, streamer James "Phantoml0rd" Varga is suing the organization for harms. Varga trusts that Twitch conferred rupture of agreement, purposeful obstruction with legally binding relations, and deliberate and careless deception in expelling him from their stage following an outrage identifying with skin betting. 

Varga was one of various significant gaming identities who wound up entangled in contention around virtual cash betting in 2016. Skype logs uncovered by veteran columnist Richard Lewis, which were passed to him by a programmer, asserted that Varga got wagering rates and house cash to use on CSGOShuffle.com. This was never revealed to Varga's viewership and stays undisclosed on his CSGOShuffle YouTube recordings today. The logs, which Lewis disseminated to different news locales including Dot Esports, indicate Varga speaking with Duhau Joris, who was in charge of creating CSGOShuffle. Throughout the logs, Varga talks about sending over $20,000 to Joris, notices conferences identified with the site, and proposes changes or new highlights that could be actualized. The logs vigorously propose that Varga had a proprietorship stake in the site. 

Up to this point, Varga has not specifically recognized the logs or the subsequent charges. In the claim, the story is rejected as unconfirmed, false assertions leveled at Varga by an outsider, whose allegations were the zenith of a push to freely deride Varga and exploit his prominence. The suit additionally calls Lewis deceitful and claims that Varga was never allowed to react—something Lewis denies. As indicated by the suit, Twitch workers over and over revealed to Varga that his substance was not in break of the terms of administration—particularly his betting on stream. Varga additionally claims that his association concurrence with Twitch required notice of any terms of administration break, and a 30-day elegance period to amend the infringement. 

Varga thought betting to be reasonable on the stage in view of correspondence with organizations chief Jason "Opie" Babo. The documenting incorporates messages from Babo in May 2016, where Babo communicated perplexity at the present principles around betting substance on Twitch yet suggested that Varga not bet for in excess of a couple of minutes at an opportunity to maintain a strategic distance from issues. Babo has since left Twitch, joining ESL in December 2017. The suit does not, be that as it may, specify that Twitch cleared up its tenets on July 14, 2016, saying that any substance which broke Valve's standards—which incorporates skin betting utilizing the Steam API—would be in break of the terms of administration. Varga was then prohibited on July 19. 

Since the Twitch boycott, Varga has moved to gushing on YouTube. He keeps on betting in his communicates, and offers a coinflip amusement all alone site. In the year and a half since skin betting stories stood out as truly newsworthy, the individuals who advance and work these administrations have wound up under expanded investigation. The U.K. Betting Commission said in August 2016 that it accepted virtual cash betting ought to be dealt with simply the same as genuine cash betting. In February of this current year, FIFA YouTuber Craig "NepentheZ" Dougas was indicted under the UK's Gambling Act of welcoming kids to bet and promoting unlawful betting.

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