An incredible $400 million jackpot of the PowerBall lottery stimulated Gallup to hold a survey to evaluate the social standing and education of those who prefer playing lotteries. It is believed that poor and less educated people purchase lottery tickets more frequently.

Over one thousand American adults took part in this survey held in June. It was found that 49% of respondents had acquired state lottery tickets during the previous 12 months.
Depending on the annual income, all respondents were divided into three groups. The first group consisted of those whose salary was less than 36,000 dollars per year. The second group included the participants of the survey who earned from 36,000 dollars to 90,000 dollars per year. And finally, the annual income of respondents from the third group exceeded 90,000 dollars. It was reported that 40% of respondents from the first group had bought lottery tickets. This percentage for the second group was 56%. As for the third group, 53% of representatives of this group purchased lottery tickets.
The education level did not significantly affect the activity of respondents on the lottery tickets market. 
According to the survey, approximately 64% of US adults periodically play games of chance. The lottery is the most popular gambling game. It is followed by casino games and sports betting. 
Americans can also spend time on video poker machines (9%), horse racing (6%), bingo games (6%), and boxing wagering (3%).
It is interesting to note that only 7% of the survey participants believe that they are addicted gamblers and play too much time. 
According to the previous poll organized by Gallup, two-thirds of US adults find gambling morally acceptable. And 27% of respondents believe that gambling cannot be acceptable from the moral point of view.
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