Supporters of the potential next video betting area in Round Lake Park will likewise have the capacity to fill their gas tanks or get a few snacks for the street. Town authorities casually have endorsed the establishment of five video betting machines at the Thorntons corner store/little shop at Hainesville Road and Washington Street. Thortons offers bundled alcohol, however its permit should be changed to take into consideration utilization on premises, which would accompany a few conditions. 

Chairman Linda Lucassen stated: 

We're exceptionally strict, and they're conforming to every one of our desires. 

Illinois law permits up to five video betting machines in authorized retail foundations where alcohol is served for utilization on premises, truck stops, and veteran and intimate foundations. Round Lake Park affirmed video betting in 2013. Four foundations, including Big Jack's, a frank and burger joint crosswise over Hainesville Road from Thorntons, each have five machines. Lucassen said the town was reluctant in regards to the demand when it surfaced about multi year prior however is agreeable the changed alcohol permit will incorporate shields, including cameras and different measures. For instance, video betting supporters would be constrained to two jars of lager in a 24-hour time frame, she said. Betting machines would naturally stop at 1 a.m. 

Lucassen stated: 

Truck stops, they're permitted to have them , however this is thoroughly different. They've been to a great degree agreeable. We've set some exclusive requirements. 

Police Chief George Filenko said he and town authorities had worries about people strolling around with containers loaded with brew. 

He stated: 

It's exceptionally limited and by statute must be isolated and monitored. Statistically, a staggering measure of players expend one lager and basically center around playing the machines. 

He included that the zone has been planned so it can be satisfactorily observed and he doesn't anticipate that liquor will be an issue. Video betting is accessible at Thorntons stores in Lincoln, Havana, Channahon, Decatur and Blue Island, as indicated by Illinois Gaming Board records. Agents for the Louisville, Kentucky-based organization declined to talk about the Round Lake Park proposition or other potential designs. 

Advertising administrator included: 

Our gaming designs are as of now being developed, so we don't have any data to give right now. 

As per the gaming board, a sum of almost $1.12 million was bet in May on the 20 machines in Round Lake Park. Simply finished $1 million was won and the town's offer of the distinction was $4,396. Lucassen said the impulse for permitting video betting was to encourage organizations and associations, similar to American Legion Post 1170, instead of income for the town.

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