Russ Campanella from the United States achieved victory in the 2016 Seneca Niagara Falls Summer Slam Main Event. It took place at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino on July 31, 2016.
The winner was able to defeat 475 participants whose entry fees generated a prize pool of $252,106. Russ Campanella received 26,500 dollars for his first-place finish.
The two initial rounds that took place on July 29 and 30 allowed only 86 poker players to continue to play the next day. 
A 42-year-old Russ Campanella became the chip leader and did not lose his position until the end of the 2016 Seneca Niagara Falls Summer Slam Main Event.
The first eliminated player among the top nine participants was Jason Kanel, who earned 5,546 dollars. He was followed by Julie Billiteri, who won $6,807 for her eighth place. Kurtis Boutelle, who had won a couple of tournaments in 2015 and 2016, finished in the seventh place and pocketed $20,000. The same amount of money was collected by Jason Nablo and Matt Fergenbaum, who took the sixth and fifth places, respectively. The fourth-place finisher Shawn Edinger and the third-place finisher Ray LaRouech pocketed $26,000 each.
The runner up Chris Harker won the same sum as the winner, namely 26,500 dollars. 
Russ Campanella, a chiropractor from Rochester, New York, showed great poker skills during the entire three-day 2016 Seneca Niagara Falls Summer Slam Main Event and deservedly won his title.
The event was held at Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls. The 82-square-foot gambling facility has been operating since 2002. It can offer almost 2,600 slot machines and 91 various table games to its customers. The games of chance are available 24/7.
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