A recently developed social sports betting application has been designed to unite wagering on sporting events for real money and Uber-style rankings. In addition, one of the tasks of this application is to avoid attracting attention of the police.
The application is called Bait. It was created by Ian Peacock in order to allow citizens of the United States to wager on sporting events without being afraid of finding themselves in prison. The application is still being tested. However, its release is expected to take place until the beginning of the 2016 National Football League season.
Bait will be able to get access to mobile phone contacts, allowing punters to place different types of bets with the help of Las Vegas betting lines. The developers of the application have already elaborated the opportunity to wager on the outcome of American football matches, as well as basketball and hockey tournaments. In the near future, golf will be added to the available kinds of sports.
As soon as the outcome of a match or game has become known, the application will automatically inform both punters about it. Then the loser will have to transfer money to the winnerís account via Venmo, which is a free digital mobile wallet owned by PayPal.
It is interesting to note that Bait cannot force losers to pay. It only provides usersí rankings, depending on their fairness. So, those who pay for their lost bets are located at the top of the rankings, whereas those who are unfair are situated at the bottom.
This application is suitable for those who feel uncomfortable while placing bets on the international betting portals on the Internet. Users of Bait should not be afraid of arrests for illegal betting activities. 
The inventor of Bait does not want to take a certain percentage of revenues from bets. Unlike bookmakers, he wants to earn on advertisements. That is why the application should be indeed popular among gamblers and bettors in order to bring a profit. 
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