It seems that representatives of Unibet have recently officially reported that the online poker room of the company moves from the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) to start its activities on its own software. However, over 300 million online poker hands have been already dealt in new conditions.

The 300-millionth hand was dealt on April 3, 2016 at the table whose betting limits were 0.02/0.04 euros. The user, whose nickname was "Salvio88", won it, receiving 4,800 euros.

The Unibet online poker room celebrated this significant milestone by holding a special promotion. According to it, special cash prizes will be provided for each 100,000th hand until the 315-millionth hand is dealt.

Any user who is playing for money and participating in milestone hands is able to win the current promotion, but the payout size will vary depending on several factors. Multipliers that are used to calculate the exact payout size will depend on a buy-in of the milestone hand and the number of flops for the previous 60 minutes. Thus, users who play more will have higher chances to win considerable cash prizes.

A basic €250 cash prize is provided for each milestone hand. It is multiplied by the appropriate multiplier. The winner of the 315-millionth hand will obtain $12,000, multiplied by the appropriate multiplier.

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