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It is much easier if you have the opportunity to learn from the experience of others. Even better, if a good advice is given directly by professionals.

Gambling is no exception. If you want to win in the casino as often as possible and not to repeat the commonplace mistakes, you need help.

However experts should be chosen very carefully. The vast majority of people who call themselves experts are, at best, well versed in matters of gambling. They share many common misconceptions and impose them on others. It is easy to guess that such advices of "experts" are not only useless, but even harmful.

All gurus, who undertake the hard work of teaching gambling can be divided into several categories. Undoubtedly, some of them are real professionals who have a lot to learn. But belonging to one of them does not make you an expert.

Let's see what kind of groups exist and why not everyone can be trusted.

Former or current employees of the casino

There is a widespread belief that all dealers, pit bosses, casino executives and managers are great players. For this reason they are usually not allowed in other casinos. Many people believe that they know the secrets of gambling, and it allows them to achieve success.

Believe me, ninety percent of the dealers have no idea about the basic strategy of blackjack or video poker. Many of them sincerely believe that in roulette you can win regularly. And some believe that they can point to the "giving" slot machines in any slot hall.

So make no mistake at the expense of the dealer and other casino employees. They are taught to play the game professionally, but not play correctly. And they are forbidden to play in other casinos, not because they are afraid, but from entirely different motives (corporate ethics, security requirements, and so on).

Casino players with years of experience

Savvy customers who have spent years sitting all night at the casino, are not always strong players. Any employee of the casino with a large work experience can remember a few players who made payments faster than a dealer at the roulette and instantly react to any mistakes of dealers at the blackjack table, but that almost never came away with the win.

This suggests that only one huge time playing is not enough to be considered a professional. If all arguments of a person claiming to be a specialist in gambling, are reduced to the fact that he spent thousands of hours in the casino, think twice whether to trust his advice.

System vendors, software and other products that help to win at casinos

Of course, every person who sells any product helping to win in casino, surely calls themselves an expert. Otherwise his business will end. Who would buy such things from the amateurs? However the number of real specialists among them is dozens of times less than cheaters or naive enthusiasts.

And it is not clear which of them are more dangerous for your wallet, because you're going to gamble, taking advantage of their advice. So be very careful in choosing such products. A special section on Casinoz publishes reviews of programs for casino games, and we give our own assessment of them.

Authors of books about gambling

Many excellent books on gambling and poker are published im different languages. They contain a bottomless sea ofuseful information. Unfortunately, the great mass of books is still not officially translated into Russian, but even that can not stop real players.

On the other hand, some books are also not good enough. They are often written by people infinitely far from the casinos. We suggest you get acquainted with the literature on gambling with the most famous works of authors (in the next articles we will tell you about them). In these books, they refer to other writers, prompting you to whom you should pay attention.

Bloggers, journalists, web writers

They crowded specialized resources about the casinos. Moreover, articles about gambling also appear on sites that do not have direct relation to thus subject. Invited papers is generally another issue.

Of course, they are very often written by people who have never been in a casino, not working or playing there. It is no secret that such publications can be ordered as copywriting. The authors are amateurs who write about everything equally superficially.

Some articles are translations from good foreign sites. But more often they are unprofessional rewriting that twenty times correspond with the same source, and each new version has more errors.


The opportunity to use the experience of others in the study of gambling is the best way to succeed as quickly as possible. However be careful with the choice of mentors, consultants and authors. If you trust the wrong person, a mistake can cost you a lot.

In each of these groups you can find a lot of these specialists, but belonging to any of them does not make them professional. Cheaters are found even among the managers of a casino, players with years of experience or authors of thick books on gambling. Learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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