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The credibility of the online casinos is perhaps the most important aspect of comfortable playing. Agree, you can not have fun playing the video slots or blackjack, if you are not sure that you are not deceived by the casino. In this article we will talk about customer loyalty to online casinos and the methods to achieve it.

We must to say that if you are absolutely sure that all casino players earn by cheating, you better not play at all.

This article is not for you, since we are not going to persuade anyone, proving that honest gambling operators exist, and by no means are rare.

On the other hand, we do not deny that scams in this business also exist. Fans of excitement are very often carried about or overly trusting people who are easily fooled by a connoisseur of psychology. This is used by swindlers artfully masking their sites under decent casinos. If you once run into such dealers, it will be extremely difficult to trust the organizers of online games.

To avoid this you should know using what methods reputable casinos confirm their integrity. We will describe the basic techniques. None of them guarantees that you will find first-class service and honesty in all details, but they significantly reduce the likelihood of fraud, and many of them give you the opportunity to assert their rights.

License of a casino

Here everything is clear:

no license - the casino works illegally.

If it makes sense to play in it, you decide. But just think:

the casino has no risks if you decide not to pay out winnings or wrongly accuses you of fraud and blocks the account.

These casinos can promise just incredible bonuses and other incentives, but do not rush to bite the bait.

Sometimes online casinos have a statement that they are working on a license or that country, but more information about this document is not available. This situation should also alert you.

If a casino has a valid license, why hide it? After all, it is a powerful way to prove the legality of it's activities and increase the confidence of potential customers.

Ideally, the casino should not only provide all license data on the site, but also have the logo of the authority that issued it, with reference to it's official website. This ensures the legality of the casino by one hundred percent.

Software by a reputable manufacturer

Best Casinos use the highest quality software by top manufacturers. These games are not only beautiful and comfortable. They are also reliable in terms of fairness of the random number generator used in them. Moreover, companies that produce software, usually watch how casinos use it and do not allow to interfere with it's work.

But you must be sure that you do not deal with rigged software. Even now, it is not uncommon to find an Internet casino, suggesting popular video slots that have nothing to do with their real manufacturers. In such cases, you can be sure that this is a fake. The author of the original model cannot guarantee the fairness of gaming process. Of course, you should not trust the owner of such a casino. 

Information about the casino owner

It is highly desirable to find information about the casino owner (name, address, and so on). These data allows to inquire about the company. Most major brands are represented on the stock exchanges. They value and reputation will not risk trying to rob you of honestly won money, even if it is a very large amount.

The most authoritative gaming websites make every effort to gain the confidence of their potential clients. They provide license numbers, addresses, and all contact information possible. Often, one can also look through the managers’ profiles, read the story of the company, find reports about the company’s participation in various important events, etc. This way gambling operators let us know that they are going to work honestly and frankly.

Cooperation with independent auditors

Reputable casinos usually work with independent companies that test the performance of their random number generators, determine the interest payments and make conclusions about the various aspects of customer service. On Web sites, you can see the large establishments logos TST, eCOGRA, iTechLabs and some other organizations.

Just keep in mind that presence of the logo without reference does not always mean that the auditor is working directly with the casino. Maybe they just tested a random number generator software manufacturer, but do not check operation of the casino.

As in the case with the license, if the logo of an organization has a link, which opens the information directly on the review of this casino. Major operators invite auditors for such tests on a monthly basis, and the results are published in a separate report.

Age of the casino

Under this item, everything is clear:

The longer a casino exists, the safer it us.

Needless to say, that it's activity that does not cause complaints from the licensing authorities, audit companies, software vendors, partners and customers.

Casino Reviews

Of course, the more people speak highly of the casino, the higher the probability that it is reliable. But do not forget that not all comments and reviews are true. Many of them are written by casinos. Other site owners write or print publications, earning on affiliate programs and advertising. They are also interested in many customers registered in the casino.

Therefore you should not believe all the information there.

Casino rewards

Many offline and online casino editions give awards and certain titles. You know as they say:

  • "Best Casino of the Year",
  • "Best operator of gambling",
  • "Best Customer Service" and so on.

In this regard, the most important thing is to pay attention to who awards such titles. Is it enough authoritative? Can you trust it? Has it compromised itself in previous years?

Making casino site

This parameter can be considered rather indirect than direct. Most honest and reputable casinos try to present themselves properly. The site should be beautiful, comfortable, do not contain numerous errors, and generally make a good impression. Good casinos will not save on designers.

However scammers in this matter may also reach fame, so do not jump to conclusions if you see a very beautiful and expensive site of an unknown to you online casino.

Participation in social programs

Refers to international assistance programs about gambling, obstacles in participation in gambling of underage users, charitable projects and so on. It is possible that the casino is a member of such programs for the blind, but it still means it's desire to establish itself as an honest casino.

Overview of Casinoz and feedback from our readers

We would love to say that all online casino reviews that we offer include one hundred percent reliable information, but it would not be true. We can not personally test all casinos.

For such purposes, we would need a huge staff, a lot of time and money. To produce a realistic picture of each casino, we'd need a few people to receive bonuses, win them back, withdraw winnings and so on.

We can only guarantee the absence of false data in our reviews. We tried to be objective and impartial when writing them, though a subjective factor in every article is still present (eg, about the design of the site).

Comments from our readers are not edited, so you can rely on them at your own risk. We do not recommend you to blindly trust them.


It would seem that it is easy:

Choose a casino meeting all the above points - and you will be happy.

In theory, it is so. But in practice, problems arise because of the greed and ignorance of players.

New casinos offer better bonuses than reputable and proven brands, and this is a peck of thousands of fans excitement. If they see some incredible offer to new customers, they pull the plug on the absence of licenses and other questionable moments.

In short, greed blinds, so spend time checking the casino, be careful and do not be lazy.

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