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We have already discussed the numerous advantages provided by online casinos in comparison with brick and mortar gambling houses on the pages of Casinoz. Nevertheless, we still want to come back to this topic, since it is very popular among many of our readers.

Directly this review covers some additional advantages of online gambling that don’t seem to be obvious. We are going to discuss them step by step, trying to give you the opportunity to look at the situation from another viewpoint.

We want to add that such obvious advantages of online casinos as the favorable rules, various promotions, an incredible range of models, and large bonuses, are not discussed in this article.


We guess that some visitors of casinos are not happy if many people know about their hobby. Even humble office workers or private entrepreneurs often prefer hiding their addiction to gambling, not to mention famous people (especially politicians or high-ranking officials). Their visits to gambling houses can spoil a career.

However it is easy to hide the fact that they are gambling at online casinos. Respectable portals protect the personal data of users and will never transmit potentially private information to third parties. It is just necessary to choose a truly reliable site.

Food and Drinks

Free food and drinks, offered by brick and mortar casinos, can hardly be considered to be an advantage for gamblers.

  • Firstly, alcoholic beverages always prevail in the menus of casinos for obvious reasons. You cannot resist a temptation to order a glass of champagne or whiskey, place high bets, and then discover that you have suddenly lost all of your funds or even run into debt.
  • Secondly, it is difficult to imagine a gambler who will always order healthy meals. Most of customers are limited to dishes that allow grabbing a quick bite to eat. As a result, you may get unnecessary excess fat around the waist.

We guess that it is easy to control your diet staying at home.


Fans of land-based casinos often state that such establishments have a cool atmosphere, which cannot be created on any website. This is partially true, but keep in mind that there are such components of the "pleasant" atmosphere as neighbors’ alcohol breath, loud music, smoke, unprofessional behavior of employees, and so on. Are you sure you will enjoy this?


Apart from the fact that online casinos usually allow testing games for free, they establish very low betting limits. It is often possible to stake even one cent. Therefore, such gambling houses are available to any representative of the middle class (although there is a certain risk).


To be sure, all sorts of tournaments are held in brick and mortar gambling houses, but their diversity and availability on online portals are incomparably higher. Many online casinos hold competitions in which all clients, who are currently playing certain slots, may participate automatically. In other words, you can receive an additional payout while playing in regular mode.

Fans of large-scale tournaments can take part in the competitions, which are organized by the largest groups of online casinos. Hundreds of customers can become their prize-winners simultaneously. The range of winnings varies from a few tens of dollars to tens of thousands.

Face Control

You will never be banned on gambling sites due to inappropriate clothing or bruises on the face. You can place bets while sitting in your underwear, holding a bottle of beer in your hand, and feel comfortable.

Distracting Factors

It should be admitted that the online casinos have a smaller number of factors that can distract you from focusing on the gameplay. There are no drunken neighbors at your table, loud music, obtrusive waitresses, and so on. However some gambling houses will obstinately offer bonuses and other promotions from representatives of the support services, but it is pretty easy to get rid of them.


On the online portals you can easily use tips or even special software, which will help you to play better. We do not advertise utilities that can help you to beat the house or solve operating algorithms. However there are really useful applications that can provide you with the advices concerning decisions for different situations arising at the blackjack tables or in video poker slots.


This factor becomes especially important to residents of countries where gambling houses are available only in the special zones or are located in the countryside. For example, the Russians who want to gamble even need to fly to the nearest legal gambling house. This problem is also relevant for many fans of gambling in the United States where there are more opportunities to gamble.

Bear in mind that you may also come across parking problems. Not all casinos can provide all customers with parking spaces (especially if the property is located in the center of a large city). By the way, it has been known that parking is not free of charge in the centers of Las Vegas and other gambling capitals of the world, and this fee is not small.

Needless to say, if you gamble at online casinos, you will never face such difficulties.


You may fall under the impression that we idealize the online gambling portals. However it is not true. This article just covers some advantages of such establishments. We are also well aware of their disadvantages. They will be discussed in the other article. Stay tuned and follow the updates on the site Casinoz!

If you want to share your impression of this publication, tell us about your personal experience gained at either online or brick and mortar casinos, or just express an opinion concerning gambling, feel free to write in the comments.

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