Lots of slot machines

Customers of online casinos have a vast selection of slot machines of all kinds, so choosing the best of them in terms of chances to win and fascination can be a real headache for beginners. A single criterion for this choice does not exist, so the players should be aware of several factors and then make the final decision.

In this article, we will help our readers to understand this matter better.

Video Slot Themes

Nowadays, almost every slot is dedicated to a specific theme and features a proper design, symbols, bonus games, etc. This lets people with different interests find slots answering their needs. Manufacturers know this, so they regularly produce slot machines devoted to significant events, competitions, or even innovations.

For example, online casinos always offer new slots for a great sporting event like the World Cup. Football would rather play on such slot machines.

Some themes remain popular for decades:

  • Pirates;
  • Egypt;
  • Myths of Ancient Greece;
  • Nature, etc.

Classic slot machines featuring fruits, berries, sevens, bells, and other traditional symbols are always at the top too.

Slots RTPs

However, if a player cares about the principles of choosing a video slot, he hardly needs advice on the style. Typically, players are more concerned about payments, so they try to find a slot that pays out more than others.

As we mentioned in another article about payouts of slot machines, the average return to the player is about 95%, with slight deviations up or down.

Charms and Clovers

It may seem that a couple of percent of the RTP won't play a significant role. However, it is a dangerous misconception.

The RTP must be the critical criterion in choosing a video slot.

It is crucial to how much you theoretically lose for each 100$ of the bet. Calculate how much you stake an hour. It makes it easy to compare how 95% and 97% RTP affect your bankroll.

Always choose video slots featuring the highest return to the player. You can find this date in the Casinoz slot reviews, paytables, Help, and developers' websites.

Video Slot Volatility

However, besides percentage, slot payouts vary in volatility. You should consider this too.

  • Some slots pay regularly, and others – far less frequently.
  • In the second case, wins may be higher, but waiting is a challenge.

Consider which type works better for you, as the game must be fun.

  • If you are patient and prefer higher payouts, even rare ones, choose the proper slots.
  • Other players love to win in almost every spin, regardless if the payoffs are virtually the same as the bets.

Players with limited financial capability should also consider the slot's volatility. A lousy streak can be quite long. Do you have enough funds to make it through?

Entertainment Aspect

Most modern players prefer video slots with a colorful design, bright characters, impressive animation, and high-quality sound. Of course, this is not the main feature of a casino game when you play for money, but the game must please you.

If you are picky, we recommend you pay attention to the following developers:

  • NetEnt,
  • Elk Studios,
  • Yggdrasil Gaming,
  • NextGen Gaming,
  • Betsoft and others.

They are known for really cool video slots.

Slots' Features

Perhaps the most critical factor in choosing a slot machine is a choice of additional privileges for the player. This can be:

  • free spins;
  • wilds;
  • various jackpots;
  • mini-games and other attractive features.

Usually, players are incredibly excited about progressive jackpots, the size of which can be unbelievable. Bonus games on a new screen take second place. It lives up to the game and makes it more exciting.

However, don't be deluded. Slots, loaded with all possible bonuses, are not necessarily more profitable. They still have a specific RTP, which can't be exceeded in the long run.

Checklist on Choosing the Best Slots

Well, summarizing all mentioned above, let's put together a checklist:

  • Pick a producer.
  • Check out a return to player.
  • Make sure you like the slot's style.
  • Rate the betting range.
  • Take a look at the bonus features.
  • Try to find out the volatility.

Perhaps, you prefer mobile casinos. In this case, you also have to check the quality of the mobile version.

If the slot suits you by all odds, you can play for money. Still:

You should better first play a free version of a slot.

Good luck, and be mindful!

Frequently asked Questions

🎰 Do online casinos offer many slots?

Tens of thousands! Software producers release new slots daily.

🔥 What's the difference between video slots?

They feature different themes, design, options, mechanics, return to player, multipliers, volatility, etc.

🧐 How can I choose the best video slot?

Consider the RTP, bonuses, volatility, design, interface, and even the theme. All this is important for the comfortable, exciting, and profitable gambling.

💎 How many jackpot slots can be found at online casinos?

Progressive jackpots are not rare at online casinos. Many software providers offer such video slots.

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