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Fortune Lounge is a group of international online casinos united for marketing purposes to provide the most exciting and generous promo campaigns. Members of this organization are similar in their views on the advertising policy and customer service principles, enabling them to act in concert. Casino customers that are members of the Fortune Lounge get the best in online gambling.

Fortune Lounge Group Casinos

Members of Fortune Lounge are respected and well-known online casinos:

It also includes Giggle Bingo UK, Giggle Bingo Canada, and Poker Time websites.

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Why Fortune Lounge?

This is one of the oldest and largest associations of online casinos in the world. Not long ago, it was recognized as the best in the world. Over the years, it raffled about thirty million dollars in progressive jackpots and many valuable prizes, including cars, vacations, cash rewards, loyalty points, and more.

Safety and Fairness

Casino customers that are members of the Fortune Lounge can not worry about the safety and integrity of the financial transactions of these casinos.

The independent auditing organization accredits all these online casinos in e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance (eCOGRA). This company regularly conducts audits of a random number generator and determines the interest payments on categories of casino games.

You can find information about these audits on the official websites of the casino.

Support Service

All Fortune Lounge casinos have round-the-clock professional support services speaking different languages. You can contact them via live chat, free phone numbers, fax, or email.


Fortune Lounge regularly donates large sums of money to organizations studying Alzheimer's, AIDS, and cancer, the Red Cross, and other charities.

Fortune Lounge Loyalty Program

All Fortune Lounge casinos have a joint loyalty program with comp points. All casino customers who have an account for playing for real money automatically become members. It operates as follows.

  1. Points are awarded for each bet, whether it is won or lost.
  2. One point is awarded for a single bet in any currency on slot machines and five bets in board and card games.
  3. One thousand game points can be exchanged for one credit currency used in a game.

When you open a real account, you automatically get 2500 points. You can cash out 5,000 points. The points are burned if you do this within 60 days.

Player Levels

Casino customers of the Fortune Lounge are divided into four groups according to their status. They are silver, gold, platinum, and diamond levels.

  1. All new players are assigned the Silver level.
  2. To get the gold status, you must collect 10 000 points monthly and maintain this level at 10 000 to 24 999 points. Users with the gold status get an additional 5%. They can also participate in special tournaments and get 20,000 points for their birthday if they visit the casino on this day.
  3. You need from 25 000 to 74 999 points for the platinum level. Clients with this status get 60,000 points for their birthday; if they visit the casino on this day, they can participate in exclusive tournaments and promotions and earn 10% more points.
  4. You should collect at least 75,000 points for the Diamond level. These customers get 100,000 points for their birthday if they visit the casino on this day, participate in special tournaments, and get 15% more points.

You will find more information about the statuses on the official website of Fortune Lounge.

Campaigns and Promotions

Fortune Lounge regularly has various special offers in all the casinos in the group. It can be weekly or monthly tournaments, drawing of all sorts of prizes (world travels, cars, cash and prizes, game balls, and so on).


Casinos of Fortune Lounge provide their clients with the highest level of service, a variety of high-quality games, and an exciting bonus program, which is worth your attention. Considering all benefits of participating in these casinos, they are some of the best in today's online gambling.

Frequently asked Questions

🔥 What is Fortune Lounge Group?

Fortune Lounge is a group of several online casinos, two bingo halls, and a poker room. They offer their customers a joint loyalty program and promotions. 

💎 Are Fortune Lounge Group casinos reliable?

All members of Fortune Lounge are trustworthy and high-quality. You can read their reviews on Casinoz.

🍀 How can I join Fortune Lounge Group?

You must register on at least one of the gambling websites taking part in Fortune Lounge Group. Go to Casinoz, find reviews of these casinos, choose the one that suits you, and open an account there. 

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