Gaming Business Association (ADIB)

Gaming Business Association (ADIB) is the oldest Russian Association of legal entities - enterprises of gambling. In 2012 it celebrated its twentieth anniversary. The Association brings together:

  • operators and casino owners,
  • bookmakers,
  • slot hall owners,
  • sweepstakes,
  • manufacturers,
  • suppliers in the gambling and entertainment business.

Association acts according to the law "On noncommercial organizations" based on the Memorandum and Articles. All members of ADIB are independent entities that bear responsibility for their liabilities.

History of ADIB

Gaming Business Association was founded on 7 January 1992.

In 1997 it became a member of the international organization European Gambling Association.

In 2005 founded the Association Club of Elders. It accepted people with gambling experience of not less than ten years.

Structure of ADIB

The coordinating and directing body is ADIB Supervisory Board, headed by the President elected at the general meeting.

From its earliest days, the Association has been headed by Igor Ballo, who founded the organization. He stood at the origins of Russian gambling. In 1991 he opened the first in the Soviet Union ruble casino called "Club N" and was one of the pioneers of the domestic production of specialized casino equipment. Later, he was the owner of other gambling establishments.

The management of ADIB also consists of the CEO, three vice presidents, and a legal adviser.

Goals and objectives of ADIB

The Association coordinates the activities of the representatives of the gambling business and represents and protects their interests. The main tasks of ADIB are the following:

  • Development and strengthening of gambling business in a civilized way;
  • Participation in the development of a reasonable legislative framework corresponding to modern realities and suitable for all parties;
  • Creation of reasonable taxation of gambling;
  • Assisting in the development of optimal laws governing the licensing of gambling;
  • Supporting domestic manufacturers of gambling equipment;
  • The role of a Gaming Business representative in a dialogue with society and the authorities.

The Association also provides legal assistance in specific matters, conducts educational work, strengthens and develops domestic gambling traditions, and works to improve its image.

The official website of ADIB

The official website of the Association of Gaming Business is located at

It has complete information about the Association, its structure, members, goals, and objectives. You can also apply for membership in ADIB.

The website publishes articles from the Bulletin of gambling journal, which highlights the most exciting events in the world of gambling.

The resource also offers visitors a reference section with essential information on various gambling-related issues, a forum, a gallery, and a club of elders.

Opinion of Casinoz

We are happy that in the unfortunate situation that has arisen with gambling in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries, the Association of Gaming Business does not stop and keeps contributing to the development of this industry. We wish it every success.

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