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The epic of first legal casinos in the Russian Federation after creation in the country the so-called gambling zones was already shared with you by portal Casinoz. If you are interested in this subject, you probably know that it is before its opening the authorities decided to move the Azov-City to Anapa and rename it into Golden Sands.

Some time ago, the details of this truly grand project became public and were even presented in a video presentation of the incredible entertainment complex that could compete with the best resorts in the world.

The area of Golden Sands was chosen for a reason. It is the Annunciation Spit, located in the Krasnodar region, near Anapa famous for the stunning sandy beaches, unique nature, magnificent underwater scenery, plenty of sunshine and pleasant climate. All this allows to enjoy the resort at almost any time of year.

General description of the Golden Sands

First of all, Golden Sands will be focused not only on the gamblers. This is a huge complex, which includes a wide variety of leisure activities : attractions, theme parks, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, exhibitions, shows, shopping and so on.

The project is developed by the world-famous American company IdeAttack. Its experts took the inspiration for Golden Sands in the sea waves. It will be conditionally divided into four waves : Central, Coastal, Green Wave and exciting adventures.

We will briefly tell about each of them.

Central wave. This is the main area of the project, which will consist of a main street called Golden Promenade and several large buildings along the banks of the channel Golden River.

There will be complex The Palace of Dreams, with a key casino Golden Sands. There visitors can relax in several casinos ("Oracle ", "Royal Garden", "ship" and others), spas, nightlife huge balls, gyms, gourmet restaurants, bars and other entertainment areas. The highlight of the Palace of Dreams will be the panoramic restaurant, offering the view of the entire complex.

Central Wave will also have a shopping center called gallery of Fortune, Research Center Cube of Knowledge, a conference hall and other facilities. Golden Promenade is expected to be a pedestrian zone and Golden River will have water transport. The entire territory of Central Waves will be ennobled by vegetation, fountains, parks, sculptures, places for recreation, sports grounds.

Coastal Wave

. It will be located along the coast, connecting the city and first-class beaches with developed infrastructure. There will be a casino, bars, restaurants, a water park, a complex of villas, a yacht club, a variety of recreational and sports facilities built. In addition, there will be a sea spa hotel.

One of the main attractions will be a set of Coastal Waves called Ocean World offering a variety of attractions.

On Platinum beach with specially importations white sand visitors will enjoy a stunning two-kilometer long swimming pool, surrounded by colorful lights. The water will flush with walls, so visitors will enjoy an amazing panoramic view.

It will be built along the residential complex City of New Wave which is planned as a kindergarten and a school.

The coastal waves will welcome arriving guests of Golden Sands traveling by waterways.

Wave of adventures

. This area of ​​Golden Sands will consist of theme parks, amusement complex, a golf course and other entertainment areas. Its main facilities should be complexes World Cossacks, cultural parks Russia ! Russia, and Time Quest, as well as a huge club for golfers. In general, it will be different from exciting adventures of two above-described ones by the quiet atmosphere and focus on relaxing stay.

Green Wave

. This sector will be fully up to its name. It will include tropical parks, eco- resorts, cottages, playgrounds, picnic areas and so on.

As you can see, a variety of recreational facilities offered in project Golden Sands make it a desirable place for the majority of Russians and foreign guests.

To appreciate the full scope of the project Golden Sands, see the official promo video.

Transport infrastructure of Golden SandsNo resort can operate successfully without a developed transport infrastructure. Getting to the Golden Sands will be possible by plane, train, boat (Anapa) or by car (the federal highway M-25).

On the territory of all Golden Sands there will be a strong network of roads. Key items of the project will connect branch with monorails. A marina for boats is also planned.

Particular attention will be given to pedestrians provided with comfortable roads without traffic.

The commissioning dates and prospects of Golden Sands

When the gambling and entertainment area Golden Sands will work in full force is too early to say. If you really look at things, it will take only a couple of years for preparatory work. Then, even if the construction will go in fast terms, they will need at least another decade to build basic objects.

However in our country nothing is opened in fully finished form, so it is possible that very soon the fitst casino will start working near Anapa. And later, if the area will not be transferred and the rest will be finished too.

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