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We often operate with the concept of a long run in the articles on Casinoz. I can be defined as follows:

which means an infinite number of hands or spins, during which the claimed advantage of a casino or other statistical measure of a game is implemented. You can not reveal the true advantage of the casino at some game by the example of several hundreds or even thousands of hands, but get rid of misconceptions about certain aspects of this concept.

For example, one can often find a statement that card counters in blackjack can get an advantage over the casino only on a long run. A regular player of blackjack should not even try to count cards, because it's such a short interval that it will not work and will not allow to change the balance of power in their favor.

Typically, proponents of this view also believe it's much better to use some betting strategies, count number of winning or losing hands and leave the table to achieve a certain number of them, and so on. Moreover, they may argue that in blackjack on a short run of the game you can't set a position of a player at the table and analyze actions of other players. All this comes from the assertion that in short time it is not possible to even come close to the so-called long run and card counting is meaningless.

All this is nonsense. Long run of the game is important to define the statistics as accurately as possible on this or that aspect of the game under certain conditions. With this purpose simulators of games spend thousands of conditional distributions or spins.

If talking about professional card counters, it can greatly improve your chances of winning even in a single game session, although can't permanently guarantee a win. After all, you may act in the circumstances, decreasing or increasing rates depending on the account, or even changing tables. A good player analyzes the best situation to come out with minimal losses.

With this approach, the main advantage of the casino is theoretically infinite bankroll, it has. Most players do not have the same amount of money, so they have to play within the limits of bets that they can afford. Betting limits casinos set on tables are also in their favor.

Summing up all the above, we can conclude that the concept of a long run is purely theoretical in nature, so do not give it too much attention. Play following the advice of the basic strategies and using advanced technics (such as counting cards, for example), if possible. This is the only way you can achieve stable results.

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