Prejudices about casino

The vast majority of casino visitors can not be called not only professional, but even skilled players. Consequently, many of them sat at the table, do not rely on the optimal strategy, developed for each game, but on luck as well as all sorts of signs, superstitions and beliefs that have, in their opinion, this very lucky draw. Let's look at some of these signs, although the author of these lines will not recommend following them because he believes that any game should be taken seriously, especially with mathematical calculations.
Nevertheless, this information is very interesting and entertaining.

Fen-shuy Gambling
Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a traditional Taoist practice, helping to achieve success in life by symbolic development of the world. People follow the advice set out in this teaching to become more successful in business and private life, improve health and, of course, attract good luck. This causes many players to wear all kinds of feng shui charms, choose a table in accordance with it's principles, visit casinos on certain days and so on. They may even lay chips on the table in a certain order, believing that it will help them win.

Coins also have many different related superstitions in the world of gambling. Most "prepared" players visit witches, fortune tellers and other cheaters that make charmed coins or induce damage, then you need to throw a coin under the table at which the game is played. Each casino employee knows that after a busy night cleaners find dozens of such coins throughout the casino hall. Many visitors are trying to shove a coin under the roulette wheel. Some believe that this way they attract a fortune. Others do it for the more practical considerations, trying to manipulate the roulette wheel and use it for their own purposes.
There is a widespread practice of placing the coins in the shoes. It originates from the Philippines. Local traditional healers claim that coins stimulate nerve endings on the heels of players and help them to be more focused and confident. However most of the players have not even heard about it and put coins in their shoes just for luck.

The number "13"
The number "13" has a special role in the casino for many players. They believe that in this cell of the roulette wheel the ball falls more often, it helps recoup the latest bets and so on. They explain this belief as follows: in the Bible the number "13" is closely connected with all sorts of diabolical tricks, casino comes from Satan, therefore, it is the most important number in gambling.
Moreover, on the thirteenth of each month the casinos have more players playing risky at higher than usual bets. Special excitement may happen if the thirteenth is on Friday.
Of course, no such practical observations are confirmed by the superstition.

Christmas and New Year with herringbone and toys
Christmas and other religious holidays
In many countries where Christmas is celebrated with a special scale, players tend to think that on this day luck especially favors them. However very devout players (although this combination of words is ironic) might not visit a casino on the big church holidays. It is worth noting that even casino employees do not like to work, for example, at Easter, believing that they can not play on this day. However from personal experience I can say that on these days playing differs perhaps only by a special psychological state of players and staff, but no specific distortions in luck have been observed.

Other signs
You can not lend money during the game.
New players are lucky.
You should not add matches and cigarette butts in the ashtray on the table across each other.
You should not leave empty cookware on the table.
You should not play at a table with a cross-eyed man.
Happy table, place card, the dealer and so on.

The list of such superstitions could be continued, probably indefinitely, especially because many of them are interpreted in different ways and even contradict each other. Even the fact whether to tip the dealers has plenty of diverse opinions. One thing is clear: they have little in common with the reality. Therefore, you should not rely on them in the game, but if this factor prevents you from playing safely, and it can easily be fixed, do it. You may become more focused.
roulette wheel with the ball and made rates

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Date : 2010-08-02

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