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Many beginners card counters wonder how many boxes are better. Of course, with a positive score, because when it is better to skip the negative hand (if you're not alone at the table), or play on one box.

There is a fairly common misconception that with increasing positive score, you should bet on more boxes, and not raise bets. Supporters of this method explain it by the fact that they save the expectation and the variance decreases. But in fact, by doing so, we reduce the number of hands that can be played at a great value for us. This dramatically reduces the chances of winning.

One or Several Hands

It is best to play on one (If allowed by the rules of the casino) or two boxes when you're the only player at the table. If you are playing on another box, bet on two. With two additional boxes, play on the three of them. In the case of three outside boxes at the table, play on the four boxes. Sometimes your neighbors at the table can be bet on a different number of boxes every hand. In this case, if the score is positive, bet on all remaining boxes. It does not really matter how big the positive count is.

If you see a few cards in the shoe with already a shear card, and your score is positive, you should in any case bet on the maximum possible number of boxes. Thus the rate can be slightly reduced on each of them. After all, you are interested to get as many cards as possible. The main thing is not to hurry and do not do it too early. This method is used by many experienced players, even in cases where they do not find the card, but the game is good for them.

You can increase the number of boxes if the score is positive, but the table does not give the maximum opportunity to play on the most suitable bets. Then there is nothing else to do but to bet on more boxes. Although it is better to play at tables with smallest difference between the minimum and maximum bets.

In general, remember that playing on a different number of boxes is as important as following the basic strategy and card counting. All these factors, with their rational use, significantly reduce the casino advantage and even tip the scales in your favor.

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