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Have you decided to discover the world of online casinos and become a client of one of them?

Do not rush to register, deposit your account and start playing for money. First, read a few recommendations that will be useful for beginners.

Tips for playing online casinos are divided into key thematic groups to make it easier for you to navigate.

How to choose the best online casino?

First, find out how to find an honest, reliable and simply high-quality institution.

  • Please read the article about choosing an online casino, published at Casinoz. It will help you not to fall for the bait of scammers and open an account in a really reliable and reputable institution.
  • Read the casino user agreement very carefully and do not be afraid to ask questions to the customer support staff if you do not understand something.
  • Make sure that the portal in question meets your requirements for games, payment systems, and other services.
  • Loyalty to one institution can be richly rewarded with all sorts of benefits that the loyalty program provides. However, this does not mean that you should not even be interested in what other casinos offer.

To simplify your life, open the top 10 casinos on our website. All of them have a high rating, a lot of positive feedback and a high level of service.

How to choose the best gambling game?

Now let's find out what games should be preferred to win as often as possible at the casino.

  • Play online gambling games with the least mathematical casino advantage. Remember that in some of them the result depends only on luck, and in some, you need to make numerous decisions.
  • Even if you come to the casino just to have fun, learn to play your favorite games correctly. This will not only save you a lot of money but also help you to get much more pleasure from the process.
  • Understand the terms such as theoretical return, mathematical advantage, long play, basic strategy, variance, and some others.
  • Keep an eye on the new products that are released by the manufacturers of software for online casinos. Many users have been playing on the old machines for several years, not wanting to move to higher quality, colorful and, most importantly, profitable models.
  • Do not ignore the free game mode. It can be very useful in many situations.
  • Forget superstitions. Random number generators, which are used in all online games, do not care about them.
  • Do not rely on slot betting systems. They do not help to achieve a positive result.

Casinoz has published thousands of gambling reviews and hundreds of articles with practical tips.

How to use casino promotions?

Gambling operators lure customers with a variety of promotions. We will teach you to understand the bonuses and other incentives.

  • Take only really profitable bonuses. Special articles and reviews at the Casinoz website will help you to find them.
  • Keep track of promotions, tournaments, and sweepstakes that are held in the casino. Participation in many of them is free, but you can win real cash rewards and prizes.
  • Loyalty program is a really profitable system that provides a lot of advantage to customers.
  • If you play often, feel free to ask for personal bonuses.

Carefully read reviews of casino bonuses on the website.

How not to become addicted?

Do not underestimate the danger of developing a gambling addiction. It spares neither beginners nor skilled clients.

Remember about gambling addiction! Do not think that you are not subject to this!

Such self-confidence has caused serious problems for thousands of online casino fans.

  • Plan each trip to the casino, setting time and financial limits in advance.
  • Never go beyond the limits that you have defined for yourself.
  • Pass tests to identify addiction.
  • Use the limits system, the self-exclusion program and other tools provided by gambling operators.
  • Feel free to ask for help from gambling experts.

Read the articles on Casinoz dedicated to the management of finances and time in the casino, prevention of gambling addiction and other important issues.

How to beat the casino?

Finally, the answers to the question that is of greatest interest to most customers of gambling establishments.

Why are we talking about multiple advices rather than a single universal recommendation? Because it is a complex topic that requires theoretical knowledge, practical skills and much more from the user.

To win often at the casino and be in the black for a long time period, you first need to make some important decisions:

  • Goal – Decide why you play? If entertainment is the most important thing for you, it will be difficult to become a professional player. The maximum result is achieved by a high price. It's a job that really tires you out.
  • Format – Where are you going to play: in real or online casinos? They have significant differences that need to be taken into account. For example, in real establishments, you can try to count cards in blackjack, and on Internet portals, you can try bonus hunting.
  • Game – what kind of gambling entertainment do you prefer? Tips on roulette and slots will be different.
  • Direction – what do you want to focus on: game strategy, bonuses, loyalty program? Of course, you will have to take into account all aspects, but often professional players derive maximum benefit by developing some basic direction.
  • Time – are you ready to make casino gaming your main occupation? Or do you visit such places once a year?
  • Finance – How much can you offer to gamble? You'll need some bankroll. You have to be prepared for a protracted series of failures.

When you give yourself honest answers to all these questions, you can decide what strategy to follow. Choose a game of chance, decide on the format, make a plan, learn how to play and act then.

The best results are obtained by a comprehensive approach, when the client chooses the most profitable game, acts according to the recommendations of experts and simultaneously enjoys all the privileges of a regular player: loyalty program, personal bonuses, cashback and so on.


We hope that our tips will help you to avoid common mistakes of online casino customers.

If you want to play more effectively, read the articles on our portal.

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