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In this article, we will talk about of what makes the total revenue of a casino per shift or other period. We'll deal with the basic concepts and consider the factors that affect the amount accumulated in the casino cashier.

Total bets

No casino can be successful without a sufficiently high turnover of bets. Given that the vast majority of games have a mathematical advantage of the dealer or a random number generator, on a long stretch of the game each casino earns at your bet.

Accordingly, the higher bets of the players are, the better for the casino. For example, if visitors bet in the European roulette million dollar profit in a year, the casino got twenty-seven thousand dollars. The longer the game goes, the profit will be 2.7% of the total bets.

That's why the administration of any casino does its best to increase the turnover of money that customers bet. It is not important if they are lucky enough today or tomorrow. The main thing is that there is a game, and the rest is a trick.

Mathematical advantage

The advantage of a casino has been mentioned in other articles on Casinoz, so we will not describe this topic in detail. We will just say that these numbers are well known in all popular games, and many manufacturers of video slots and other models for online casinos immediately indicate it's level.

You should definitely pay attention to it's size, even if you have come to have fun, and do not think the end result as the most important factor of the game.

A casino, in it's turn, will try to "force" you to play at the most unfavorable slots. It is a good idea to succeed. For example, they offer very interesting and exciting video slots with stunning graphics and an incredible variety of functions. How many players will pay attention to the fact that returns an unmatched novelties by Playtech is only 92%, although many online games have 97% - 98%.

Or casinos can hold a tournament whose winners are determined by the total amount of bets or payments. For such events, they often choose a model with a low return.

Casino bonuses are generally allowed to play out on a general basis only in the most unfavorable games. No casino will count in the total amount of bets you make on blackjack or video poker.

Increasing the turnover

As seen from the above, the casino's revenue depends on the overall turnover of bets and mathematical advantages of games. The second factor is clear. It is fixed for each model, because no online casino will interfere in the work of a random number generator, and brick and mortar establishments often do not change the rules.

Thus, for the successful operation, they should increase the amount of beys. This means that the maximum number of tables and machines must constantly be in the game. This revenue for a certain period of time should cover the costs associated with servicing the table or slot machine. That is why the brick and mortar casinos almost never use a very low-stakes betting. They do not provide enough income to cover the dealer's salary and other expenses.

In blackjack, poker, roulette and many other games of chance increase in turnover rates is achieved by increasing the speed of the gameplay. In other words, the faster the dealer deals the cards, runs the ball and makes payments, the more rounds per hour comes, the higher revenues.

If course, we mentioned only general concepts, all aspects of ensuring profitability of casinos. There are many of them. But even these superficial explanations are enough to understand how casinos make money.

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