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Predicting your possible disagreement with the article's title, we want to say, that we mean the casino customers not individually, but in general. It is possible that exactly you, dear reader, has been gambling for a long time and still maintains a positive balance. But if we summarize the achievements of all visitors of such institutions, it turns out that they have left in the machines, lotteries and tables colossal sum of money.

Does it mean that they just do not know how to play?
It is right only partially, because there are factors ensuring the casino victory over the clients, which are almost impossible to be affected.

First of all, it is a mathematical advantage, embedded almost in all the games and types of betting, as well as some other features of gameplay, and human psychology.

Mathematical advantage of casinos in gambling

As an example, we can choose any video slot. The result of each spin is determined by a random number generator, which acts completely unpredictable. But this machine is designed so that sooner or later it will take some small portion of the total amount of bets that have been made by the players.

This index may approach the theoretical level within a few months or a few years. It is enough to imagine a situation when in the slot recently launched into operation, someone wins progressive jackpot. Do not think that after this machine will only "take" money. No, it will also make payments. It needs just more time to get closer to a result that is programmed by the manufacturer.

In other gambling games the situation is similar. In a classic European Roulette casino's advantage is about 2.7%.

Whatever you do, what techniques you would try, on a long stretch of the game you will lose such part of the made bets.

So we advise you just to smile in response to another offer from any quirky genius selling software or betting system for winning in roulette.

Experienced lovers of blackjack and video poker know how to compete sufficiently successfully with the advantage of the casino. In some kinds of these games you can even get a small advantage over the institution. You need to find the optimal strategy and strictly follow it, forgetting about intuition to achieve this effect.

If you learn how to count cards in blackjack and learn some additional techniques you can try to make the game your profession. But this is only possible in a real casino, because counting of cards in online blackjack is useless.

Inability to play properly

But the presence of the advantages of the casino does not mean that you do not need to learn how to play properly. If you are going to experience success in blackjack, video poker, dice and many other casino games, you should definitely take advantage of the advice of professionals. On Casinoz a whole section, which has several sub-sections, is devoted to the strategies.

Even on roulette or slot machines, you can slightly increase the probability of winning.

No, we are not contradicting yourself, as you might think. Video slots differ in the level and variance of payouts, so you can always compare the patterns among these parameters and select the most advantageous and suitable for your style of play.

The case with roulettes in modern online casinos is in a similar way. There are versions of the game much more profitable than the European classics. In addition, in some roulette bets differ significantly in their embedded advantage.

And especially clearly it manifests in craps. We have dedicated a detailed article to this topic, so we will not repeat it again.

Another important component of the online casino games is the ability to determine correctly the size of bets. If you raise them too high, you could be bankrupted by the very first prolonged stripe of bad luck. On the other hand, the game on low bets may seem too boring.

Therefore, it is important to find a happy medium. You can learn this from the poker and blackjack professionals, who distribute their bankroll masterfully and never deviate from the in advance intended plan of betting.

Obligatory learn how to play the games which you prefer properly, of course, if they have the opportunity to influence the result.

Human factor

In fact, the casino with skillful administration earns much more than is embedded in the game.

  • Firstly, not everyone knows how to play correctly, so they lose a lot more than they could.
  • And secondly, do not forget that not everyone is able to control himself.

For example, a person wins a big jackpot. It would seem that this money can not be lost to the end of life. But he, having in his pocket a huge sum, wants to become a high roller and raises bets several times (and even tens of times). The result is easy to predict. After some time, the winnings are only memories.

Therefore, the human factor can never be written off. Exactly because of it even very experienced casino customers lose all their money.


Finally we wish you always keep yourself under control, keep a sober approach to the selection of games and to behaving patterns in a casino. Articles on the site Casinoz will help you to find answers to the majority of questions about gambling.

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