We all dream about breaking the bank one day. This feeling overwhelms us when we want to get rich. Money is a good incentive, but not the most important, because gambling is something special that is not available for everybody. We hope that you will feel it in the game Break da Bank.

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Break da Bank is a three-reel non-progressive slot with five paylines. The game has wild symbols, multipliers and great jackpot (60 thousand dollars).
The slot Break da Bank tells us about the way to break the bank! Yes, you can break the bank even with three reels. Five paylines will provide you with various bets that can be made starting with $1. These parameters satisfy users who are ready to play in the middle bet range. High rollers can also enjoy this game due to the presence of wild symbols, multipliers and the jackpot of 2,400 bets.
The green color is a money symbol, which is used in the suits of this slot machine. The bright green logo is located directly opposite to the open safe from which literally appear coins! We hope that they will fall out into your pocket. Reels are located above the logo and the pay table is available on the right side. The great advantage of this game is that everything can be placed on one screen, so is the most insignificant information is at your fingertips.
The log of Break Da Bank serves as a wild symbol, which means that it can replace other four symbols. When the wild symbol appears in the combination, the prize is doubled, and when there are two of them, the bet increases by four times. But when the combination with three wild symbols is formed, your joy will be unlimited, because the jackpot varies depending upon the number of lines, simultaneously involved in the game.


Since it is the three-reel slot machine, there are a few symbols in the game, including bars, double bars, triple bars, dollar signs and a game logo. These symbols form combinations that can bring you great prizes.


The jackpot of the game is 60 thousand dollars.


The game has colorful and detailed interface. It emphasizes the wealth that is stored inside the safe. The player needs just a little bit of luck and the wealth is in his pocket!
The control panel includes the following buttons:
• Bet one is used to activate the line
• Bet Max allows making the highest bet
• Spin allows spinning reels
• +/- allow increasing or decreasing the bet


The game is simple, but quite attractive. If you like classic slot machines, you will enjoy this game. In addition, it will be much more interesting thanks to the numerous features that are rarely found in other simple traditional games.

Where to play for free or real money?

Play the game Break da Bank at Betway Casino. Before visiting it, you can play the slot machine, which can be downloaded for free. The free slot machine without registration can be found on many gaming websites.

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8 декабря 2017
наличие диких символов, множителей, и джекпота 2400 ставок не позволит заскучать, не правда ли ??? Отличные возможности , поробовавши раз нельзя остановится . всем советую, многие благодарны
6 октября 2016
Ничего себе  "посредственный игровой онлайн слот"??? Джек-пот 60 тысяч долларов!Ставки с 1 доллара!Я бы не рискнул назвать этот автомат посредственным.По-моему,наоборот,очень достойный,серьёзный ресурс для игры.
11 мартa 2016
На мой взгляд довольно посредственный игровой онлайн слот, ни впечатляющей графики, ни огромного джек пота, а также набор бонусов не впечатлил! Среди разнообразия различных слотов, данный аппарат остается в тени!
27 января 2014
Я конечно не ярый игрок в подобные автоматы, но этот ничего так. Друг посоветовал попробовать. Сейчас результатов ноль, но будем надеяться что что то да выиграю, а даже если нет, то я всеравно рад что поиграю в него, очень впечетлил, рекомендую!
2 июня 2013
Решил испробовать этот автомат. Очень понравилось шанс выиграть был 1 из 5 ну и ладно. Всем советую поиграть в этот автомат который привлекает игроков своим интересным и своеобразным дизайном!!!!!!