Just a thought about the Pink Panther and the famous stylish melody, which has made this movie popular, is already playing in your head. Spin the reels with this melody and win your prizes.

Inspector Clousaeo and his pink panther are waiting for you in online casinos today!


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«Pink Panther» is the slot machine with five reels and forty pay lines which was developed by the leader among the software producers for online casinos - Playtech company. As you know, the main hero of the movie and this video slot is inspector Jacques Clouseao, which always gets into troubles and funny situations. The melody of Pink Panther is well-known for several generations already. It is the recognizable feature of the series.
Start your investigation together with the inspector and don't get into such silly situations as he does buying tokens in value of one, five, ten, twenty five or fifty cents or one, two and five dollars. Then you can stake up to ten coins per each of the lines, while you have a great choice - here you can play by forty line. In case, you get higher profit if you play by all active lines. If you play - you play! Perhaps, you’ll be surprised by the fact that the maximal acceptable bet of this slot machine, which allows to play by one cent, is 2000 dollars per spin!
«Pink Panther» slot machine is also provided with a bonus game. To get it started, you need to pick from two to six images of the painter at the reels.
This model draws two progressive jackpots, which names are Minor Pink and Major Pink. Any spin can bring you one of them even if you don't get any prize after it. However the progressive jackpot can be an unexpected prize. Nevertheless, you can rise up your chances to win it. What do you need for it? Just stake higher bets. Such a simple, but a little pricey receipt. But what are you ready for prize? Is it worth or not - only fortune can judge it, because somebody is lucky at the first spin, while others have to spend a half of night to get their aims. Anyway, be attentive, because it should work, otherwise there is no sense in the game, right? However some people are playing just for the game. They should be paid with respect.


As soon as you launch «Pink Panther» online slot machine, you can see the Pink Panther at the left side of the screen. Pink Panther is Wild symbol of this game. Among the rest symbols you can see inspector Clouseao, a bomb, a pink paint, a loop, pink traces, the logo of Pink Panther (Scatter), as well as other icons.

Bonus games

In the jackpot round of «Pink Panther» slot machine you would see twinkle doors at the screen. You need to open the doors to see the characters hiding behind. If you open five doors with Pink Panther, you win Major Pink Jackpot. If you open four doors with Pink Panther, you get Minor Pink Jackpot. Well, and if you hit three small men, you win a consolation prize. The game goes on time, so please be careful!
Another bonus game is named «Break the pink code». In this round you would have to break the saves. You can see some number of free spins inside of every safe and a multiplier, or an expending Wild symbol. This bonus game is over when the Pink Panther bursts the safe from inside. You win a prize for this safe, but don't get prizes for the rest. It is also possible to win the progressive jackpot during the bonus games, as well as Pink Pow feature, when the standard symbols turn into Wilds.
This video slot is provided with another bonus game, where the Pink Panther paints the walls with a small man. Pink numbers are added to your total prize. After this round you have an opportunity to confirm the prize or continue playing. There are totally three levels in this round, so don't lose the most baneful one. On the third level you get your prize and go back to the regular game.
Do you think it’s all? You are mistaken! Get a couple more games inside of the bonus round. The functionality of this model is so wide that you hardly could expect something like this.
In the following bonus round the Pink Panther spins the reels. The outside one determines your money prize, while the inside one determines if you get more free spins or the game is over. If so, you take your prize and go back to the regular game.
Well, here is the last bonus round where the inspector follows the trace to find the lost diamond. Making a step at every footprint, you get a money prize. Continuing playing you are risking to get into a trap, which takes a half of your prize and finishes the round. If you complete all four levels, the inspector finds the lost diamonds and your win is doubled up.
This video slot is also provided with the gambling feature, where you have to pick a card higher than the dealer’s card to double up your win or its half.


Hardly inspector Clousaeo has a huge salary, but he investigates crimes, which bring unbelievable amounts to the government! Well, what if you are also lucky to hit the jackpot with his help? Big money by legal way is just a dream. Whatever, the jackpot of this game is 5000 coins. Now decide how much would you like to stake per spin to win the huge amount! You can win the jackpot when five Pink Panthers drop out at the screen in the same time. Please take in account the Pink Panther is also Wild symbol of this model. It can replace any other standard icon in this game.


The interface of «Pink Panther» slot machine is quite pretty. The developers have designed it in violet-blue colors and pink for buttons. The Pink Panther is waiting for you behind the reels. It makes different moves during the game, that makes the game more colorful and interesting. Pink Panther has been everywhere at the reels and behind them, there are its footprints and here is it personally.

You can see the following controlling buttons at the interface of «Pink Panther» slot machine:

Info – open the payment table.

Auto start – the automatic game mode.

Lines – select active lines.

Bet per Line – select an amount of the bet per line.

Bet Max – start a new spin by the maximal bet in one click.

Gamble – play in the gambling feature.

Spin – start a new spin.


We think, «Pink Panther» slot machine can satisfy the most demanding gamblers by its functionality, because it is hard to find so many different features in other slot. No critic can call such number of bonuses in one game derisive. We think it is amazing. Well, lets play and enjoy it!

Where to play for free or real money?

Have you already decided where yo play this classic comic game? Take our small advise to make your night wonderful. Willian Hill Casino has served so many players all over the web that it is extremely popular among all gamblers. If you want to make a shier choice, you can also play in Bellini Casino.Your responses about «Pink Panther» slot machine would help us making Casinoz more interesting and useful for the readers. Please share your impressions in comments to the review and rate this game. Your opinion is very important for us.

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8 декабря 2017
Автомат зачётный. Очень понравились монстры, графика не подкачала, очень качественная. Особенной фишкой является бонусная игра, она действительно интересная, такая многоуровневость редко встречается.
22 июля 2016
Когда нашел этот игровой автомат с таким необычным названием, вспомнил как когда то в детстве боялся ночью подойти к шкафу, все казалось что там какой нибудь монстр прячется. Теперь детей вряд ли подобным испугаешь.
25 апреля 2016
увлкательный и интересный игровой автомат, потрясает графика, разнообразные символы, ярко, реалистично, местами устрашающе. Джекпот составляет 4000 долларов. Прогрессивного джекпота нет
25 июля 2015
Нормальная отдача от автомата,не сильно отнимает  деньги .ставка играет от 1 евроцента,что очень неплохо.Бонусов хватает ,и на бонусе можно натягать хороший выигрыш если повезет.Советую присмотрется к автомату,ценю веселую музыку и картинки в автомате.Определенный вкус адреналина и радости подарит эта игра.Играл в казино Jetbull.
15 мартa 2013
Добрый день, сегодня я поиграл в «Монстры в шкафу». Игра реально классная, всем советую попробовать. По началу несколько первых игр я осваивался с механикой игры, и когда просек фишку как можно эффективно зарабатывать я втянулся в эту игру.
21 января 2013
Первым из вторичных бонусов игрового автомата появляется Атлас Мира монстров. Когда из-за дверей шкафа появится таинственная гробница, игрокам будет предложена некая секретная карта, в которой будут определены 4 возможных места бонус игры второго уровня – 1) The Mummy’s Tomb, 2) The Vampire’s Castle, 3) The werewolf’s Cabin, 4) The Yeti’s Cavern. Другим бонус символом есть «Scary Slam». Он может активизировать вторую бонус игру, где получаемое игроком число бонусных выигрышей ограничено лишь лимитом времени, который устанавливают часы-монстры. Будьте внимательны, так как, когда Вы заметите, что данный символ «выполз» за дверь шкафа, не пропустите еще большие бонус возможности. Здесь, в игре второго уровня, игроку надо попытаться собрать побольше монстрообразных множителей за период, отведенный на часах. Вам не следует пугаться всех этих страшных чудовищ, промышляющих в ночной тьме, этих страшных монстров, подпитывающих свои силы энергией воплей и криков, а, наоборот, попытаться завязать с ними дружбу. И тогда они окажут Вам свою помощь в овладении крупными суммами валюты в этом онлайн видео слоте! 
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