There are dozens of slot machines about pirates in the online casinos (or maybe even hundreds), but for the experienced admirers of such entertainments the main slot in this style is forever «Pirate» by Igrosoft. Once this slot machine was incredibly popular in the slot halls, but now it can be found in most of online casinos. The following article prepared by the authors of Casinoz is devoted to it.

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General description

«Pirate» slot machine has five reels, nine pay lines and fifteen symbols at the screen. It is possible to use one, three, five, seven or all nine lines to form combinations at. Bets per each of them have to be equal, but we recommend you to check the betting range right in an online casino.
This model offers the customers standard and special symbols, free spins, a bonus round, a gambling feature and other interesting options.
Combinations are formed by very attractive rules. It is necessary to have several same symbols situated at the neighbor reels. Herewith, combinations can begin from the first reel from left to right as well as from the last reel in the opposite direction. Anyway, only the longest combination at each of the lines wins.
An amount of the payoff is calculated by the bet per line and the index of formed combination (from x2 to x5000). In case of several combinations formed by results of the round, all wins are summarized.
There is a round of gambling feature where you will play dice with the pirate. You need to choose a color here. Your opponent throws a die with red and black sides to find out the winner.
Unfortunately, we didn't find any information about the theoretical payback index of «Pirate» slot machine.

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Pirates, bombs. curved swords, guns, flags, cannons, ships - are the standard symbols which you can see at the reels of this slot.
The following symbols make special functions here:
  • Wild (a pirate in a triangle hat) replaces other standard symbols in combinations when necessary.
  • Bonus (a chest with gold) triggers the prize round named «Chests» when three such icons appear at the screen.
  • Bonus (a barrel of rum) triggers «Barrel» round when three such symbols drop out anywhere at the reels.
Rules of the prize rounds are discussed below.

Bonus games

There are two bonus rounds in «Pirate» video slot:
  • Chests - here you need to pick items randomly and get payoffs for hidden gold. The round finishes when all chests are opened or when you find a skeleton inside of any of them.
  • Barrels - barrels in round as well as two windows with spinning dice appear at the special screen. You need to throw dice to find out number of available attempts. Then you move in a round and get a payoff for every opened barrel. The game is over when you hit a used item.
If you want to know more about the rules, please use the informational section.


There is no progressive jackpot in «Pirate» video slot.


We don't think necessary to explain details of the interface of «Pirate» slot machine. It is designed in style of offline slots and has a user-friendly control panel.
Please pay your attention that some button make different functions activated depending on situation.
The pay table provides all necessary details of the rules.
There are the basic settings of sound and screen. You can play «Pirate» right in a browser.


Surely, first of all this game can interest the experience casino customers which were playing it in times of the first slot halls now. However we can’t except that younger gamblers who like retro-slots could also like it a lot.
In conclusion, we would like to add that this model has a sequel named «Pirate 2», which has an improved interface and some particularities of the rules.

Where to play for free or real money?

Many online casinos offer «Pirate» in a fun mode as well as for real game. For example, you can find this model in all Vulcan Casinos. It is also possible to test «Pirate» right at Casinoz in a demo mode. We have also prepared video review of this slot for you.
Please write your responses about «Pirate» in comments and rate this game.

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8 января 2018
Замечательный игровой слот. Большой плюс, что есть бонусные поощрения, бонуснын поощрения всегда привлекают новых игроков, красивый красочный интерфейс. Спасибо разработчикам за такой игровой слот.  
30 августа 2016
Классика жанра можно сказать. Так, для прикола поиграть можно, но для настоящего времени он устарел, мягко говоря. Никаких интересных бонусов нет, обычный для конца 90-х набор функций. Но для любителей вспомнить молодость очень даже подойдёт.
15 февраля 2016
Старый - это ничего! Все равно прикольный, тематика интересная и веселая. Я думаю что многим придется по душе. Мне лично нравится! Игра основывается на погоне за бонусом как тут уже заметели некоторые колеги. А также за выигрышными цепочками естественно! Так что пробуйте и я уверен Вам понравится! Удачи Всем!
15 февраля 2016
Старый автомат, сто лет уже таких не встречал. А про бонусную игру вы не правы, на нём надо играть по 9-той линии и по максимальной ставке, тогда спины начинают выдавать гораздо больше любой возможной бонусной игры. Стратегия у меня такая на нём.
15 февраля 2016
Да игра конечно не новая , но еще в бытность игровых автоматов в оффлайне сам был свидетелем как на ней в бонусной игре хорошо подымались опытные игроки, так что и в онлайне на ней стоит играть.
15 февраля 2016
Помню этот автомат еще по 90-м годам прошлого века. Популярная была машинка, хотя и не из самых модных на то время. Основной доход тут приносит бонусная игра, в основном её и ждать приходиться, что бы поднять.