The topic of the design of the slot machine Rapid Reels does not affect fast-spinning slot machine reels, as one might think from the name. It will tell you about turbulent whirlpools, because it is devoted to dangerous voyage on the money waves. They really have similar features: the excitement of moving forward, fragility of ever-changing situation, pride and confidence while passing dangerous places and difficult turns, and finally, the joy of the well-deserved victory.

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Two courageous rafters in the inflatable boat, designed for rafting on the fast mountain rivers, are paddling on the cash flow. According to the happy expression on their faces, everything is well. Do not relax: such a trip is a risky hobby, so our adventurers are dressed in hard hats and orange life jackets. Everything is for security, and a true friend will not let you down. Rapid Reels is a classic slot machine with three reels (non-progressive) and five paylines. It comes with wild symbols, scatter symbols and the maximum jackpot of $30,000.

The coin value varies from a quarter to five dollars. Thus, the bet starts from 25 cents and ends with 25 dollars.

Rapid Reels Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The set of symbols on the reels is very austere. There is nothing excessive. Emphasis is given to the speed and concentration instead of contemplation. The standard inscriptions include Bar, Double Bar, Triple Bar and Any Bar. Sevens have the color of water. It is not a dollar wave like in the opening image, but real water that is cold and unpredictable. The nice feature of this slot is old-fashioned cherries, but they are so that they don't distract attention. Finally, the very symbol resembles the scout badge. It depicts a cheerful rafter, who is deftly wielding a paddle moving through rapid whirlpools.


The jackpot of the slot machine is 30 thousand dollars.

Rapid Reels Interface

The huge logo with the name is glowing in gold as a sports award. The flow of cash of the usual green color is receding into the distance and is hiding in the blue fog of the background. The pay table is available on the same screen where the reels are present. All combinations are extremely clear. And in general, this game looks colorful and simple, and the players like this most of all.

The functionality is also very simple. You'll see the same buttons that you are used to see in other similar games from Microgaming. The free slot machine is available both in free mode and for real money.

The control panel has the following buttons:

Bet One is used to activate the line

Bet Max is a convenient option that allows making the highest bet (the coin value remains the same)

Spin allows spinning the reels

You can also adjust the coin value, increasing or decreasing it with Minus and Plus.

Because it is only possible to stake one coin per line, the button Coins is absent. You can only change the value of coins, but not their number.


The cute gambling machine without registration pleases gamblers with its dynamic design, but the sense of the game remains the same. So the game will be interesting to those who like the classic slot and don't search for novelties. Users can download this slot machine for free.

The game does not have the soundtrack, which also specifies the nature of the game. Only a rustling noise and whispers can be heard. The slot machine is not full of different features, such as bonus rounds, free spins and other things. So Rapid Reels rather attracts users by the graphic design, so the slot will suit those who are not afraid to get bored.

Where to play Rapid Reels for free or real money?

Choose Betfair Casino to plunge into the raging torrent of cash prizes!

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