This is a classic game in the slot machine, which everyone can play at online casinos now. The game has been succeeded in becoming popular even here. Its simplicity and exciting gameplay have made it one of the favorite games among Internet users who want to relax after a hard day's work. The game was manufactured by Playtech. It is a leading company on the market of software for online casinos.

The name of the game comes from the name of the classic slot machine. The symbols that are used in the game are simple and common, which can be usually seen in the slots: cherries, gold bar symbols. The pay table is transparent. It shows the chips, the roulette wheel and playing cards in the background.

Max bet
Number of reels
Number of lines

General description

To start the game, select the coin value, which you are going to wager, by clicking either "+" or "-" on the left side of the screen. Therefore, you need firstly to determine the denomination of the coin. The chip value may be from 0.05 to 5 dollars with certain incremental intervals. Thus, it can be 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 dollars. Starting with one dollar, you can increase up to: $1, $2, or $5. Having determined the coin value, you should choose the number of chips. You can click on Bet One or Bet Max to choose the number of coins to stake.
The bet can be made also by selecting a column in the pay table (the leftmost column makes a bet of one coin, the middle one wagers two coins, by using the rightmost column, you can bet three coins). The reels start spinning automatically.
Choosing Bet Max you increase the number of lines to the maximum, i.e. in this case, up to three. Let's say that you do not use the function Bet Max, so the reels do not start automatically. To bring the slot machine in motion, click on Spin, and then push the lever to spin the reels. If the reels show a winning combination after they stop spinning, you win.
The goal of the game Reel Classic 3 is to obtain a winning combination of symbols by spinning the reels. At the same time, you can make good money if you hit the jackpot.
There is also an opportunity to play the slot Reel Classic 3 in automatic mode. In this mode users may spin the reels up to 9,999 times. This option in slots is very convenient and does not require decision-making. You can set stop mode if you have the jackpot and you've got more money than it was set at the beginning. It is also possible to stop spinning if the payout has reached the certain value. And vice versa, you can set a loss threshold in the game Reel Classic 3, if you do not want to lose your shirt! In the settings you can change the interval between spins of the reels. Automatic mode allows you to customize the game according to your taste, but if you change your mind, you can stop the game at any time.


The game Reel Classic 3 has traditional symbols. You will see the gold bar symbols and cherries. The number of bar icons varies.

Bonus games

The slot machine Reel Classic 3 does not have bonus rounds.


The jackpot of the game Reel Classic 3 is 5,000 bets. The prize is quite attractive. It can be received in the game Reel Classic 3 if gold bullions appear after clicking on Bet Max. It is still the same good old-fashioned jackpot that gamers can get playing the slot machines offline. The second-ranking symbol is a cherry that can bring the player 480 bets.
There are eight winning combinations in the game Reel Classic 3, so you can safely start testing it and trying your luck.


The interface of the game is classic. Everything is present in one tab. Here you will see the pay table and the reels. The pay table is provided in three versions: for those who wager 1, 2 and 3 coins per line. At the bottom of the interface you'll see the buttons Plus and Minus, using which gamblers can adjust the coin value, as well as the following buttons:

  • Bet One allows activating the line
  • Spin allows spinning the reels
  • Bet Max is used to make the highest possible bet.


If you want to take a rest without thinking about anything, Reel Classic 3 is a great opportunity to relieve your stress without leaving home.

Where to play for free or real money?

You can feel the atmosphere of the gambling room, playing the slot machines at at Europa Online Casino or Vegas Red Casino. Slots can be downloaded following the link.

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4 июня 2017
очень интересно и увлекательно играть , в игре 3 классические символы - золотые слитки, вишенки. Количество баров варьируется на символах.Бонусной игры нет. Джекпот игры составляет 5000 ставок
3 января 2017
Классические трехбарабанные слоты никогда не выйдут из моды, это всегда здорово и весело, однако не всегда выгодно. Функционал игры довольно ограниченный, но интересный и увлекательный. 
12 октября 2015
Простая и провернная временем игра с классическими барабанами и возможностью сыграть бесплатно без регистрации. Такой видео-слот наиболее будет интересен для начинающих игроков .
30 мая 2013
Игра отличная.Я даже не ожидала что мне понравиться.Графика супер,и плюс к тому игра не такая уж и сложная,вникать не нужно неделю.Зашел,сыграл,выиграл. Так что играйте не пожалеете игра действительно супер.Удачи 
10 мартa 2013
Да игра простая, мне нравиться, хорошо что барабанов всего трои а не десять, чем проще тем больше шансов на выигрыш. Наличие Джек пота уже радует и интригует а вдруг получиться. И ставки доступные 10 центов проиграть не жалко, отдохнуть развеяться. Для особо одаренных и сильно уставших автоигра предусмотрена, зарядил и пусть крутиться отдыхай. В общем игра толковая.