The famous «Titanic» with Leo DiCaprio in the main role has come out to the screens in 1997 and has conquered hearts of millions of sentimental spectators all over the world. And now, many years later, Bally company has released a slot machine named «Titanic» devoted to the iconic drama. We suppose, there is no sense in talking about the movie by James Cameron any more, so we better tell you about the novelty which impresses with a wide range of different features, a stylish design and a stunning atmosphere.

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General description

«Titanic» is a video slot with five reels and twenty five pay lines, which are always active on default, where paid combinations are formed at during the game. Fifteen symbols are located at the screen in the same time (5x3).
This game offers an interesting betting system. If you click at the appropriate button, a window where you could choose cost of the ticket on Titanic appears at the control panel. If it is equal to one cent (bet per line), you get a ticket to the third class. Two, three or four cents open the doors to the second class. Meanwhile, a bet in amount of five cents per line makes you a passenger of first class.
Herewith, if you activate a bet over the basic one, you need to place a special bonus amount which gives access to the prize features (including drawing of jackpots). In general, the slot accepts from twenty five cents to two euro per spin.
This game is rich for all possible features. Except of the standard paid combinations made of basic symbols, there are prize payouts, special symbols, free spins, jackpots and bonus rounds. All of them are carefully described below.
The standard symbols form winning combinations at the active lines. To make it, you need at least three same elements located at the neighbor reels, starting from the first left one necessarily. As usually, only the most valuable combination at each of the lines is taken in account and payoffs are calculated by multiplying the bet per line by the index of formed combination.
Please read about exceptions from the general rules in the following paragraphs of «Titanic» slot machine.

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Of course, the developers have imaged the characters of the favorite movie played by the famous actors at the reels of «Titanic» slot machine. However they went beyond the main heroes. You can also see different items somehow connected with the sunk ship.
There are also several special symbols at the screen, including different kinds of Wilds and multiply bonus symbols. All of them make special functions which you can sort out personally while testing the game.
  • As usually, Wild symbols replace other icons and some of them increase payouts by combinations.
  • Scatters bring wins independently of their location at the screen and trigger free spins.
  • Bonus symbols trigger the prize features, which would definitely fascinate every gambler.

Bonus games

Now about the bonuses available in «Titanic» shortly:
  • Mystery Double Wilds Feature can be triggered during any basic spin while the reels are still spinning. From two to five double Wilds can drop out at any cells of the second-fifth reels. This way, they take part in combinations formed of other symbols. They also activate additional profitable conditions.
  • Mystery Wild Reels Feature can be trigged in any round as well. Two random reels are fully filled with Wild symbols in result.
  • Jack’s Drawing Mystery Feature – this bonus round is about the sketches of the main hero.
  • Mystery Jackpot Feature – jackpots are drawn here, please read about them below.
  • Wheel Feature – this feature is triggered by Scatters at the first, third and fifth reels. First you would have to spin a fortune wheel designed in marine style. It brings you payoffs and right of participation in the following round. This feature is shown in our video-review of «Titanic» slot machine.
Here you can also get free spins with advanced options and an alternative set of symbols.


You can fight for progressive jackpots in «Titanic» slot machine. They are drawn in the regular spins among those who have tickets of second and first class. Herewith, there are two progressive amounts and each of them is available to the passengers of the appropriate status.


Now a couple of words about functions of different elements of the control panel:
  • Balance – quantity of credits at the account.
  • Stake/Line – select an amount of the bet per line.
  • Lines – pick the active lines.
  • Stake – an amount of the bet.
  • Win – an amount of the win in a spin.
  • I – open Help.
Absolutely all points of the rules are carefully explained at the numerous pages of Help. Here you can find details of the bets, bonuses, symbols, jackpots, free spins and other features. If something stays unclear for you, please open the pay table.
There is a window of sound and screen parameters. It is not necessary to download «Titanic», because it is possible to play right in a browser. The automatic betting mode is available.


Believe us, this game is really cool and there is no exaggeration. It is enough to say that some time ago «Titanic» video slot was honored with prestigious awards at some reputable forums dedicated to online gambling. It is provided with the amazing bonus features of all possible types. The slot is incredibly atmospheric due to the stylish graphics and the excellent sound. So, it is one of the best models of the previous years.

Where to play for free or real money?

You can test «Titanic» slot machine free or place real bets in different online casinos powered by Bally software. Usually, they are multi-software portals which offer software of different brands.
Casinoz has prepared a video-review of «Titanic» slot machine for you. There you can watch how the bonus features work.
Please share your opinions about this novelty in comments. You can write your responses about «Titanic» and rate this game.

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5 апреля 2016
Ди Каприо даже в игре восхитителен. Не зря использовал его заводраживающий образ и не зря Ди Каприо получил свой Оскар, он этого заслуживает. По самой игре можно сказать, что все как обычно.
4 апреля 2016
Красиво всё нарисовали, действительно чуствуется стиль той эпохи, и краски не броские. Автомат в целом понравился, разве что вот тот самый фильм я так и не посмотрел до сих пор, так не люблю Ди Каприо, но вот в слот этот поиграл с большим удовольствием.
3 апреля 2016
Отличный автомат с красивой графикой и любимым многими сюжетом. Выбор бонусных игр просто потрясающий, игрок может получить приз в одной из 5-ти игр. Также есть возможность выиграть джекпот.
2 апреля 2016
Титаник тепреь уже и в видеоиграх, поистине выигрышный сюжет для любого продукта. Здесь есть и прогрессивный джек-пот, и несколько видов бонусных игр, можно играть бесплатно.
2 апреля 2016
Согласен! Чего только не придумают разработчики игровых слотов. Тематика самая разнообразная. Титаника еще не видел. По описанию складывается впечатление что игра хорошо продуманная и интересная. Есть практически все. Осталось только опробовать. Обязательно сделаю это!
1 апреля 2016
Создан автомат по мотивам известного фильма. И хочу отметить, что создан он с хорошим вкусом, даже антураж и персонажи практически не отличались от фильма. Играть бфло одно удовольствие.
1 апреля 2016
Хах, прикольная задумка сделать игру, связанная с титаником, теперь можно не только играть и выигрывать, но и изучать вещи, которые были на знаменитом корабле! Всем советую эту игру!
30 мартa 2016
Вау интересная игрушка.  неплохая графика красивый интерфейс,мультяшные образы не дают взгляду отвести. радует максимальная ставка в 2500$ интересные бонусные раунды. что касается таких игр мне они по душе.
30 мартa 2016
Очень качественная тут графика, как и у всех автоматов этого производителя, смотреть приятно. Даже стилистику фильма постарались передать. Играл в него я даже успешно, бонусов много и выпадают не редко. Щедрый в целом слот.