A ticket whose owner won one million dollars had been sold on the website of the Michigan Lottery. The previous ticket that allowed winning the same amount had been sold 17 months ago. The winner is a woman who acquired her Powerball lottery ticket on the website of the Michigan Lottery. The website is extremely popular among local residents. It is confirmed by the fact that the revenue from sold tickets reached 147 million dollars. The site has been operating since November 2014, providing its visitors with the opportunity to buy tickets in a very convenient way using any device that has access to the Internet.
As for the first ticket that allowed winning a seven-figure amount, it had been purchased on the website to play an instant win game.
To attract more customers, the Michigan Lottery has decided to offer free five dollars before a Powerball lottery draw.
The nearest draw of the Powerball lottery will provide participants with the opportunity to hit the jackpot of $478 million. However, this amazing amount is not the biggest sum that can be won while playing this lottery. The most impressive jackpot was shared between three lucky winners. It reached $1.6 billion.
The authorities of Michigan continue to develop the gambling industry in the state. For example, they signed an agreement with a local Indian tribe to launch an online lottery. According to the deal, the Gun Lake Tribe will pay 50% of revenues to the state. As for the tribe, it will get 35%. The remaining 15% will be invested in the infrastructure and needs of the tribe.
The representatives of the Gun Lake Tribe are satisfied with the conditions of the agreement. However, they believe that the launch of the Michigan Lotteryís website has negatively affected their profit, since it is necessary to split the revenue between the tribe and the website.
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