The summer session of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) has finished. So, itís time to discuss the current situation in the standings of the Player of the Year (POY). Taking into account the fact that the winner of the WSOP Main Event can win 3,300 POY points, the Main Event can significantly affect the leaders of the POY race.
The WSOP Main Event is the most prestigious tournament in the world of poker. This year it attracted 6,737 participants whose $10,000 entry fees allowed creating a prize pool of 63,327,800 dollars. Apart from 3,300 POY points, the winner of the competition will receive $8,000,000.
The so-called November Nine, i.e. the nine participants of the final table of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event, will receive the following number of POY points in addition to their cash prizes: 3,300 (the first place), 2,750 (the second place), 2,200 (the third place), 1,650 (the fourth place), 1,375 (the fifth place), 1,100 (the sixth place), 825 (the seventh place), 550 (the eighth place), and 275 (the ninth place).
It should be noted that none of the finalists of the 2016 WSOP Main Event (Cliff Josephy, 
Qui Nguyen, Gordon Vayo, Kenny Hallaert, Michael Ruane, Griffin Benger, Jerry Wong,
Fernando Pons) managed to get at least one POY point, except for Vojtech Ruzicka. He was able to receive 120 points. Therefore, he is the only finalist who has POY points. 
Letís take a look at the leaderboard of the POY race (the number of POY points is mentioned in brackets). Fedor Holz (5,738), Justin Bonomo (4,470), David Peters (4,331), Tony Dunst (3,740), Joseph Mckeehen (3,738), Chance Kornuth (3,730), Dan Smith (3,629), Cary Katz (3,320), Anthony Gregg (3,223), and Ari Engel (3,202).
The current situation was changed due to the 2016 Bellagio Cup XII $10,400 Main Event. It attracted 268 participants who created a $2,599,600 prize pool.
The tournament was won by Kuljinder Sidhu who collected $599,440 and 1,080 POY points for his victory. This achievement allowed Kuljinder Sidhu to move up the leaderboard and take the current 24th place with a total of 2,480 points.
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