Beginning as the chip pioneer on the last day of a competition is a positive sentiment. Remaining the chip pioneer all through whatever is left of the activity is shockingly better, and that is precisely the end result for Anton Vinokurov. The Russian player drove in chips from start to finish at the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest €1,100 Main Event, in the long run taking the win, the title and €103,060 in real money. 592 players ran to the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel from August 2-5 for the competition. Be that as it may, Vinokurov demonstrated his stamina and aptitudes to build up a noteworthy lead. At the point when the field was down to just 12 players, he controlled around 30% of the considerable number of chips still in play. 

Following his triumph he stated: 

I was playing great. A portion of alternate players were playing great, and some were not playing great. I accepted when I began play today as the chip pioneer that I should make it to the last table and complete in the main three. At that point when there were five players left, I knew I would win. I felt no different players could beat me. 

As the last day activity started, there were just 17 players remaining. Martin Wendt, who was in a problematically risky position as short stack, couldn't discover his furrow and bowed it with €5,870 in the direct of the day. The field kept on decreasing toward the last table, with a few players getting captured under the weapon. Tomasz Kozub was sent to the rail in tenth place in the wake of endeavoring to discover a club flush against Daniel Chutrov. Chutrov, holding A-Q and no clubs, scored the end with two sets, yet was beside go when his pocket rockets tumbled to the pocket Queens of the possible victor. 

After Vinokurov scored a couple of more considerable wins, he ended up doing combating against Romanian players Cosmin Cimpeanu and Carmen Zainescu.  Zainescu, who is a consecutive Unibet Open Bucharest Ladies Event champ, was asked to take a hike after a poorly planned A-4 stick discovered Cimpeanu's A-J gazing back at her. A J on the slump gave Cimpeanu the edge and Zainescu didn't discover any alleviation on the turn or the stream. She brought home €44,170 for her third-put wrap up. 

In the last confrontation, Vinokurov got a set on the tumble. Cimpeanu was harassing a Q-3 hand, and Vinokurov was just cheerful to react. At the point when Cimpeanu got a couple on the waterway, he felt a tad of help and wager into the hand. Vinokurov thought for a couple of moments before pushing all in, and Cimpeanu, feeling certain with his single match, called. As the cards were flipped, his relative certainty was flattened as he understood he was beat. He was consigned to second place with €64,050.

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