The collaborator betting chief for the Shakopee Hockey Association is blamed for taking more than $10,000 from the association's magnanimous betting income. Katherine Ann Theis, 23, of Shakopee, was charged Thursday in Scott County District Court with robbery by cheat, a lawful offense, for professedly taking $10,558 in affiliation reserves. Shakopee police were told Aug. 31 by Scott Reed, the affiliation's betting administrator, of the robbery. Theis was in charge of affiliation betting business — including pull tabs, bingo and meat pools — at four areas: Buffalo Tap in Savage, and Louisville Lanes, Turtle's Bar and Grill and the American Legion in Shakopee. 

Reed told police that he and Theis were the main workers from the hockey affiliation who went to Turtle's or the American Legion to put new force tab amusements in administration and close out the diversions. Once a diversion was put into play, the business/rewards were recorded in printed material in a force tab box, unless it was an electronic amusement. After an amusement was shut, either Reed or Theis would quickly number and gather the cash earned from the diversion. Reed would later contrast the cash that was tallied with a review that thought about the physical number of the sole force tabs, the unopened draw tabs, less the victors remaining. 

Each force tab diversion had a serial number related with it for betting and expense purposes. A review was finished by an outside organization for survey, and the reviews were put into a state report frame. State law requires that stores from the draw tab diversion in the bar be kept inside four days of the amusement's nearby out date. Since Reed and Theis were the main individuals from the hockey affiliation who put out or gathered force tab diversions, they were likewise the main individuals who could finish the stores from the recreations into the hockey affiliation's ledger situated at Stonebridge Bank in Shakopee. 

Theis had made stores into the financial balance. Once Theis made stores, Reed would look at the cards from the force tab drawers to the stores made to the bank. Reed found money from various amusements had not been kept into the bank from June through August. The aggregate sum not kept into the bank was $9,805. Reed told police that there is reinforcement money kept at Turtle's and the American Legion in the event that the champs are pulled preceding the assets being developed. The American Legion was missing $310 from its reinforcement money and Turtle's was missing $443, for an aggregate of $753. 

Reed told police that he and Theis were the main individuals who had touched the trade out the era, and that Theis was exclusively in charge of making the stores. Police talked with Bryan Turtles, proprietor of Turtle's, who said his staff does not have admittance to the bolted storage room where the money is kept, and the main individuals with keys are representatives of the hockey affiliation. There are just two keys for the secured pull tabs region every area, and those keys were issued to Reed and Theis. There is no reconnaissance film in within the bolted wardrobe where the force tab cash is kept. Reed said he sat down with Theis on Aug. 28 to figure out where the missing cash went. Reed said Theis revealed to him that she knew she would need to confront the missing cash sometime. Theis disclosed to Reed that she stole the cash since she had a someone who is addicted companion she was attempting to offer assistance.

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