2016 World Series of Poker can boast numerous records. One of them is the number of participants. The championship attracted 107,833 poker players. This index is almost 4% higher compared to the previous year. It is only the second WSOP championship when the number of participants exceeds 100,000. Their buy-ins allowed the organizers to collect $221,211,336 as a prize pool. The prize pool exceeded two hundred million dollars for the first time in the history of WSOP tournaments. 
Over fifteen thousand players were able to finish the tournaments with cash prizes. Sixty-nine of them became the owners of the WSOP titles. Each gold bracelet winner received a huge amount of money. The prize for the first place was on average $555,475.
The most prestigious tournament of the 2016 WSOP championship attracted 6,737 participants. To be sure, we are talking about the World Series of Poker Main Event. Over one thousand top finishers obtained cash prizes. It is interesting to note that the winner of the competition will collect eight million dollars.
As for the gender-related distribution of players, 94.87 percent of gamblers were males. Only 5.12 percent of participants were females.
Almost 78% of gamblers were representatives of the United States. The country with the second biggest number of participants was Canada. 
There were some personal awards. They were won by Jason Mercier, a 29-year-old professional poker player from Florida, the United States, and Roland Israelashvili from Forest Hill, New York. Mercier was rewarded with the 2016 WSOP Player of the Year award. As for Israelashvili, he managed to get the highest number of cash prizes in summer WSOP events, namely thirteen. 
This WSOP championship became memorable to Joe Cada, who had already won the 2009 WSOP Main Event. He was able to earn $10,000,000 in WSOP tournaments for the entire career. 
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