Endorsement came in spite of restriction from a few representatives and also an eatery affiliation that sent a letter to the city. The board vote was 9-3 for the ban. City staff had prescribed the ban as an approach to stop the multiplication of video betting terminals until the point when the city could take a gander at whether it needed to control them any more than it as of now does. 

City Clerk Wendy McCambridge stated: 

There is no doubt video gaming brings in income. We just idea it was the ideal opportunity for us to take a gander at everything altogether. Of the three magistrates voting against the ban — Richard Mervine, eighth Ward; Sherman Jenkins, everywhere; and Judd Lofchie, tenth Ward — it was Lofchie who talked against it, saying he was "never going to budge against this. 

He asked that it be sent back to the Finance Committee, yet councilmen received the ban. 

McCambridge said that when the state affirmed video betting in 2012, it put couple of controls on it. The state rather permitted neighborhood wards, for example, regions and areas to choose how they would direct it through the alcohol permit technique. In Aurora, video betting licenses are confined to places that have a full eatery alcohol permit. Aurora likewise requires those spots to apply for a different video betting permit. Aurora has 141 video betting terminals in 31 foundations in the city. There are 10 all the more pending licenses in two more foundations that would not be influenced by the ban, so it is likely Aurora would have 151 video betting terminals before the year's over. 

The way things are presently, the city could have upwards of 370 terminals in 74 foundations, McCambridge said. A few purviews were less prohibitive than Aurora, prompting towns and areas that have video betting in markets, corner store little shops and even laundromats. It likewise prompted the multiplication of what are known as "betting bistros" — little cafés with full alcohol licenses that additionally have video betting. 

Some of Illinois' bigger urban areas, for example, Aurora, additionally have clubhouse, and club authorities trust video betting is incompletely in charge of the enduring decrease in clubhouse betting incomes as the years progressed. An Illinois Casino Gaming Association review from a couple of years prior demonstrated that from 2013, the primary entire year of video betting, to 2014, admissions to the state's gambling clubs went around 1.4 million individuals. 

In Aurora, club gaming income has been consistently declining for around 10 years. Gambling club income for the city went from a high of about $15.4 million out of 2006 to a year ago's $7.03 million — lost more than 50 percent amid that time. That slide has impeded in the previous three years, however the aggregate still is diminishing. As of the finish of July of this current year, club income to the city was more than $4 million, so with around five months left in the monetary year, it likely would be about the same as a year ago. Aurora gets significantly more income from Hollywood Casino than it does from video betting. In 2016, the city got $7.03 million in clubhouse income, contrasted and $332,045 in video terminal income. 

Other club urban communities treat video betting uniquely in contrast to Aurora. Elgin has less terminals than Aurora, with 111, however Joliet, which has two clubhouse, has 303 terminals. Two of the state's greater urban areas that don't have gambling clubs have significantly more video terminals. Springfield has 733, the most in the state, and Rockford has 427. Des Plaines, which has the most elevated performing clubhouse in the state, has prohibited video betting inside and out. So has Naperville, Aurora's nearby neighbor, which is the biggest city in the state with no income at all from betting.

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