A Russian gambling club administrator has composed an open letter to President Vladimir Putin requesting that him not close the Azov-City clubhouse zone, and don't send me to Siberia. On Wednesday, Russian betting news outlet Betting Business Russia printed extracts from a letter composed by Maxim Smolentsev, executive of CJSC Shambala, which works the Shambala gambling club in the Azov-City gaming zone and simply reported plans to construct another clubhouse in the far east Primorye gaming zone close Vladivostok. 

The three club in the Azov-City betting zone, situated in Russia's southwestern Krasnodar Krai district, have been requested to close around January 1, 2019. The shutdown was requested a year ago by Putin to permit the opening of another gaming zone in the adjacent Sochi area. That shutdown was really an expansion of a prior request that required the gambling clubs to near to April 2015, and Shambala's Smolentsev said a year ago that he presumed the most recent shutdown request may likewise not be cut in stone. Be that as it may, the Russian Duma has affirmed enactment requiring the Azov-City club to wrap things up as planned, leaving Smolentsev with no choice yet to make an open supplication to Putin. 

Smolentsev's letter reminds Putin that end the gambling clubs will thorw 2k Russians out of work and deny the nearby legislature of a yearly RUB 400m in assess income. Smolentsev demands that dear Vladimir Vladimirovich doesn't need such a social blast in the Krasnodar Territory. Smolentsev at that point puts on his instigator cap and says the absence of any astute purposes behind shutting the Azov-City gambling clubs recommends that the state is playing a truly deceptive amusement. Smolentsev says Azov-City financial specialists were bamboozled eight years prior by authorities who guaranteed that the zone's status wouldn't be disturbed for a long time. 

It stays to be seen whether Putin demonstrates managable to Smolentsev's requests or whether Smolentsev finds Putin's 'little green men' touching base at his entryway amidst the night for a tranquil word. The main period of Shambala's Primorye club isn't relied upon to open until late-2019 at the most punctual. In the mean time, another Primorye scene, Cambodian administrator NagaCorp's Naga Vladivostok, is set to start establishing its framework one month from now. The principal period of the club, including a 279-room lodging and a show corridor, anticipated that would open in H2 2019.

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