The Malaysia-based company Berjaya Corporation has launched its first lottery in Vietnam.
Its Vietnamese subsidiary enterprise Berjaya Gia Thinh Investment Technology Joint Stock Company (Berjaya GTI) has released Mega 6/45 Lotto Jackpot Game. 
According to the plans of the company, fans for gambling will be able to purchase lottery tickets in approximately 800 terminals in Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, roughly ten thousand such terminals will be opened in the country in the near future.
The first intention of the Malaysian company to enter the Vietnamese market appeared in 2010. However, the local authorities considered the details of the project for almost six years. Nevertheless, the decision of the government was positive. Berjaya Corporation signed an agreement to provide lottery operations on the Vietnamese market for 18 years.
The Vietnamese authorities issued a certificate that guaranteed investments for all the necessary equipment and technologies. 
Vietlott, which is a Vietnamese lottery giant, has a monopoly for providing lottery services in the country. So, Berjaya Corporation has decided to cooperate exactly with this company. 
According to preliminary estimates, it is necessary to invest roughly 210.58 million dollars in the joint project. The lottery will be probably invested from donations and borrowings.
Datuk Seri Robin Tan, CEO of Berjaya Corporation, believes that both companies are engaged in a very useful activity. They are trying to reduce the number or remove illegal operators from the local market. CEO believes that their joint lottery will be absolutely reliable and fair, unlike numerous illicit gambling activities. That is why there is no sense in choosing services of illegal operators. 
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