Cammegh will exhibit its roulette item run, including the Slingshot2, Mercury 360 Roulette with Halo, RRS and Aurora wheels, in addition to the organization's scope of selective side wagers. SpreadBet Roulette will be joined by SpreadBet BlackJack and the as of late propelled SpreadBet Baccarat. 

Andrew Cammegh stated: 

The accomplishment of Triple Zero Roulette isn't exceptional to Las Vegas, as journey dispatch administrators specifically have likewise grasped the idea. Notwithstanding, the particular player profile on the Strip has demonstrated that it the two drives new player commitment and builds house edge, which is the ideal winning recipe. 

The organization will likewise have an item divulging in Las Vegas as the organization uncovers its new MediaPro for the Billboard show framework. This new substance scheduler works consistently with Cammegh's Billboard to enable administrators to assemble media resources and drag-n-drop content into particular timetables.

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