Customers of Canberra Casino may enjoy their favorite games on individual screens. Among the available games we can mention baccarat, roulette, and sic bo.
Canberra Casino is operated by Aquis Entertainment. In addition to a semi-automated roulette, it offered classic table games. However, the casino obtained a license to provide multi-terminal table games. 
Canberra Casino was purchased by Aquis in 2014. According to plans of the company, $330 million will be invested to construct elite and common gambling properties, hotel and non-gambling related establishments.
It is important to note that the casino has already doubled the number of its terminals intended for roulette. The current number of terminals for multi-terminal table games reaches fifty.
Owners of Canberra Casino have decided to expand its portfolio by offering poker slots that are quite in demand among the local facilities. It is an interesting fact that Canberra Casino is the only casino in Australia that lacks poker slots. However, the situation will change soon, since the Government of the Australian Capital Territory is going to provide Canberra Casino with two hundred poker games. Aquis Entertainment can hardly be satisfied with this number, since the company has requested five hundred poker slots.
It is interesting to note that Canberra Casino has to purchase the slots that are available at local clubs. Its owners donít want to create competitors. So, the casino faces some problems while acquiring poker slots.
Gwyn Rees, CEO of Clubs ACT, believes that the local clubs will not make a profit from an increase in the number of poker slots at Canberra Casino. So, the mutual cooperation between the local clubs with poker slot machines and Canberra Casino is hardly possible.
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