Cash Poker Pro, an inventive web based betting arrangements organization has thought of an imaginative blockchain based task. The organization, to meet its gathering pledges objectives for the advancement and execution of the blockchain-fueled poker room, has reported a crowdsale. The group behind Cash Poker Pro is included veterans in the betting business, with over a time of experience offering answers for physical betting industry. They additionally have around three years of experience managing the poker business, which is being put to use in this new task. 

Money Poker Pro is a cutting edge, online poker stay with best in class innovation, including a safe system structure and an instrument for quick and secret cash exchanges, all in light of the conveyed record. The Cash Poker Pro poker rooms will be filled by stage's local CASH tokens. The decentralized online poker room being made by the organization joins a dependable, reliable irregular number generator that is mostly in light of blockchain innovation. The digital currency innovation additionally empowers the stage to encourage quick and unknown store and withdrawals. What's more, Cash Poker Pro anticipates incorporating the poker room into prominent informing applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook errand person and others. 

Money Poker Pro is determined to dispose of deceitful practices at present took after by numerous administrators in the online poker industry. As a lion's share of poker stages by and by utilize unified arbitrary number generators, they can be effortlessly altered to guarantee the chances are dependably for the house. Be that as it may, with blockchain empowered decentralized RNGs, the procedure turns out to be considerably more straightforward, and stage proprietors won't have the capacity to amusement the framework for their own particular advantage. 

Money Poker Pro is sorting out the crowdsale in two phases. The principal arrange, token presale went live on August 26, 2017, and it offers members a chance to buy the CASH tokens at the cost of $0.05/token. All returns from the presale will be utilized by the stage to advance the primary ICO on October 26, 2017. Amid the fundamental ICO, the CASH token cost will expand ten times to offer at $0.50/CASH and 60 million CASH tokens will be put marked down. Money token holders will be qualified to utilize the tokens on Cash Poker Pro's poker rooms and will likewise empower them to procure consistent payouts from the stage's benefits. Before long, the tokens will be recorded on trades, enabling individuals to exchange it gainfully also.

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